Who is Will Moncada? Colombian hunk hopes to charm 'Love Island' ladies with his accent

'Shoutout to the casting team for this beautiful gift!' commentented a fan on Twitter

                            Who is Will Moncada? Colombian hunk hopes to charm 'Love Island' ladies with his accent
'Love Island' Season 3 star Will Moncada (Will Moncada/ Instagram)

"I'm Will, the sexiest Latin lover you have ever met," says Will Mocanda with a straight face as his introduction on 'Love Island' Season 3, before breaking out into laughter and clarifying that he's just joking. Will may think he's joking, but several 'Love Island' fans might beg to differ. Even before making his big debut on CBS's hit reality dating show, Will seems to have amassed a steady fanbase thanks to his accent and easygoing attitude.

Will is one of the twelve hot singles who will be spending his summer in Hawaii, looking for love and a chance to win a $100,000 prize! If you're curious to know more about this Latino hunk, then we got you covered.


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Who is Will Moncada?

Will Moncada is a 26-year-old budtender from Colombia, and he is ready to fall in love. In the 'Love Island' trailer, Will reveals that he moved to the US seven years ago. When he first moved to the States, he couldn't even speak English, fast forward to today and he is not only an American citizen but also very proud of it. He describes himself as "just a guy with dimples and accent". 

Aside from being a budtender, Will is also a model, who has modeled for brands like Givenchy, Theory, Greg Lauren, Armani Exchange, and GAP. His modeling career also helps him to pursue his passion for travel as he got to travel to various places like New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. Will not only loves being in front of the camera but also behind the lens, as he is very passionate about photography. 

The 26-year-old model is also a professional water polo player, avid horseman and motorcycle enthusiast. He is currently learning to surf. 'Love Island' won't be his first stint on television, as he has appeared on Latin American, game show ‘Exaltlón', in the past. He has also recently starred in Morat’s music video for their hit song ’No Se Va'.


What is Will Mocanda looking for in his partner?

Will reveals that he is looking for a woman that is "down to earth and care about what's going on in the world." He also adds that it's very important for him, "For me, that is more sexy than everything." In an interview with Parade, he revealed three traits that he doesn't want in his partner, "Someone who is not willing to exercise to me, someone who doesn’t like to wake up and explore the world, and someone who treats other people badly."

"I'm really confident of what I am and I know where I'm going and I think a woman sees this secure guy that he's romantic, that he's latino, and have an accent, and all of these things they're probably going to love that," he explains in his introduction video. 

Several people have already become his fan just based off on his introduction video. On 'Love Island's Instagram post of his video, many fans expressed their love for him and his accent. A fan commented, "ITS THE ACCENT FOR ME 😍." Another fan wrote, "ROOTING FOR HIM THIS SEASON! absolutely love his accent and attitude." "Shoutout to the casting team for this beautiful gift!😍," expressed a fan. Another lovestruck fan shared, "I have never wanted to be in love island this much until now 😍." "I swear, if y'all picked me i would have went for him 😭."



Hopefully, the 'Love Island Gods' help Will find the right woman for him.

'Love Island' Season 3 is all set to premiere with a 90-minute episode on Wednesday, July 7, at 9.30 pm ET/PT on CBS.

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