'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Was Johnny on show only for money? Fans say he wouldn't have split $100K with Cely

'Love Island' fans refuse to believe that Johnny was joking to Caleb about keeping the money and not splitting it

                            'Love Island' Season 2 Finale: Was Johnny on show only for money? Fans say he wouldn't have split $100K with Cely
Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks (Love Island USA/ Twitter)

Johnny Middlebrooks won't be winning any popularity contests among 'Love Island' fans. Although he was a fan-favorite islander initially when he came on the show, things quickly took a turn for worse following Casa Amor. Johnny and his partner Cely Vazquez were seen as one of the strongest couples on the show prior to Casa Amor, so fans were convinced that he wouldn't mess around with anybody at the Casa and put his relationship with Cely at risk. But Johnny shocked fans as he immediately took to Mercades Schell at Casa Amor. 

Later, after Johnny and Cely recoupled after Casa, he messed up yet again by watering down the truth about what he did with Mercades at Casa. Ever since then things have just been going downhill for Johnny. Although Cely forgave Johnny, fans aren't as kind to him. During the parents' meet, things got even worse after his father spoke of Johnny's "game plan" prior to entering the villa. Ever since fans heard about the game plan, they were convinced that he was on the show just for money and not for love.

Johnny once again proved that bagging the money was his goal during the finale of 'Love Island'. After it was revealed that Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba won the show and the $100K prize, two envelopes were handed to the winning couple. One envelope contained a cheque for all the money, while the other envelope was empty. The person who got the envelope with the cheque could decide if they want to split the money with their partner or not. In this case, Caleb got the envelope with a cheque. 

Although it was clear from the start that Caleb would happily split the prize money with Justine, he fooled around by pretending to think about whether to split the money with Justine or not. When Johnny watched Caleb thinking, he immediately suggested Caleb take all the money and not split with Justine. When fans saw Johnny's suggestion to Caleb, their initial impression of him being on the show for money was once again confirmed. 

Several fans took to their Twitter to declare that had Johnny and Cely won, he would have simply walked away with money and not give a dime to Cely. A fan tweeted, "Johnny told Caleb to keep all the money, selfish a** that means if he won he wouldn’t have split #LoveIslandUSA." "#LoveIslandUSA #loveisland Johnny would’ve taken the money & nobody can convince me otherwise," wrote a fan. Another fan pointed, "The way Johnny always complained 'they get this' 'the girls get that' 'why cant we—' 'I’m the only one taking care of baby' thank god his little a** didn’t win. He would’ve kept that money to himself. #LoveIslandUSA." Although Johnny quickly clarified by saying that he was just joking, fans aren't entirely convinced that he was joking about keeping the money. A fan said, "Johnny telling Caleb to keep the $100’000 for himself then then saying I’m joking, I know damn well you weren’t joking. Caleb wasn’t it for the money but it sounds like you were wtf #LoveIslandUSA."