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'Love Island' Season 2: Most shocking moments from Noah and Johnny to Tre declaring his interest in Kierstan

There was no dearth of shocking moments on Season 2 of 'Love Island', read on to know four of the most shocking moments from the season.
Noah Purvis, Mackenzie Dipman, and Tre Forte (CBS)
Noah Purvis, Mackenzie Dipman, and Tre Forte (CBS)

The islanders on 'Love Island' Season 2 gave us enough drama to keep us entertained and hooked to the show. From dramatic recouplings to epic meltdowns, the season featured enough shocking moments. Here are the top four shocking moments that are definitely unforgettable from the season, thanks to all the drama and chaos they caused. 

Mackenzie's meltdown after America voted for Connor to go on a date with Lauren

Mackenzie Dipman (CBS)

When new islander Lauren Coogan walked into the villa with her sexy British accent and magnetic personality, the boys in the villa were flocking around her like flies trying to catch her eye. Since the audience play a huge role in determining the course of the show, they were asked to vote and pick a guy who Laurel should go on a date with.

Bored fans simply picked Connor Trott to see the drama that his partner and very outspoken islander -- Mackenzie Dipman would deliver. The audience achieved their goal as Mackenzie had an epic meltdown after hearing that America decided to send her boyfriend on a date with the British vixen. Mackenzie looking straight at the camera and asking "Why would America do this to me?", while crying her eyes out left fans shocked and amused with her such a strong reaction to her partner just going on a date with Laurel. 

Kierstan's decision to stay single for Carrington during Casa Amor recoupling

Carrington Rodriguez and Kierstan Saulter (CBS)

Kierstan Saulter walked into the villa with her eyes firmly set on Carrington Rodriguez. Despite many guys trying to woo her, she didn't budge one bit. So, when Casa Amor's doors opened, and there were a bunch of new girls and boys ready to temp the islanders, Carrington easily fell for a girl from Casa. Although Kierstan tried flirting with the boys at Casa Amor, when it was time for the recoupling, she surprised everybody by declaring that she didn't want to couple up with any of the boys from Casa and wanted to recouple with Carrington. Unfortunately for Kierstan Carrington chose to recouple with Laurel Goldman from Casa.

Tre's sudden declaration of interest in Kierstan

Tre Forte (CBS)

The resident player of 'Love Island' -- Tre Forte -- had already switched up three partners, when he suddenly declared his interest in his fellow islander Carrington's partner, Kierstan. Everybody was left feeling surprised when they heard of Tre's interest in Kierstan, and began wondering when did the duo ever interact with each other, and also questioning his intentions. Unfortunately for Tre, before he could tell Kierstan about his interest in her he got eliminated. Although we have to admit, we wouldn't mind watching how things would have panned out between Kierstan and Tre.

Noah spilling the tea to Cely about Johnny's antics at Casa Amor

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks (Love Island USA/ Twitter)

Johnny Middlebrooks and Cely Vazquez were the strongest couple prior to Casa Amor. But after Casa opened, Johnny shocked everyone by instantly turning his head for Mercades Schell at Casa. The duo had a brief fling before he realized that he loved Cely more. Unfortunately, after he returned to villa, he lied to Cely by watering down the truth about what exactly happened between Mercades and him. Fans were anxious for Cely to find out the truth about him, so during one of the challenges, when Cely found out that there was more to what happened at Casa than what Johnny had told her, she began looking for the answers. So, she turned to new islander Noah Purvis, who in turn told her everything that Johnny did at Casa without leaving out any bit. Fans were shocked to see a new islander spill the tea on Johnny instead of the OG islander boys.