'Love Island': Connor asks for a second chance with Mackenzie after leaving show, fans are happy for them

Fans were thrilled to see Mackenzie and Connor giving their relationship another shot after leaving the show

                            'Love Island': Connor asks for a second chance with Mackenzie after leaving show, fans are happy for them
Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott (CBS)

The dramatic recoupling ceremony on 'Love Island' finally came to an end. It finally boiled down to Moira Tumas having to decide who she wants to couple up with between her ex - Calvin Cobb and her current partner/ ex-boyfriend of her best friend Connor Trott. With tears streaming down her face, Moira expressed how this was the hardest decision she ever had to make on the show, before finally choosing Calvin.

She later explained her decision by pointing out how Connor still wasn't over his ex- Mackenzie Dipman. In an earlier episode, we saw Connor admitting to Moira that he still has feelings for Mackenzie and would prefer just staying friends with Moira and not pursue anything romantic. So, Moira felt that it was in everybody's best interests to let Connor leave, so that he can focus on his feelings for Mackenzie.

Turns out, Moira did make a good decision because as soon as Connor stepped out of the villa, he immediately called Mackenzie. Mackenzie was surprised to see Connor and was even more surprised when she heard him ask her to give him a second chance to work on their relationship. He declared his interest in her and expressed how much he was missing her. Mackenzie was more than pleased to hear Connor's feelings and decided to give their relationship another shot in the outside world. Now that Connor is clear about his feelings for Mackenzie, hopefully the couple can get their much-deserved happily ever after.

Fans were happy to see Connor and Mackenzie giving their relationship another shot, and expressed their joy on Twitter. A fan tweeted, "Connor calling Mackenzie when he left literally made me so happy #loveislandusa." "Seeing how excited BOTH Connor AND Mackenzie are to get back together is the sweetestttt #LoveIsland #loveislandusa," wrote a happy fan. 





"UMMMMMMMMM only reality tv tweet I’ll ever post pinky sweat BUT Connor calling Mackenzie upon his exit -...WOW THAT WAS just what I needed after seeing him go #loveislandusa," expressed a fan. Fans are so awestruck by the couple that they began wondering if the couple could still win the comeptition despite being voted out. A fan shared, "So are we still able to vote for Connor and Mackenzie to win?  #LoveIslandUSA." "I can't believe I'm saying this, but all season Mackenzie got on my nerves. Yet, now that she's gone and I see there are real feelings with her & Connor - I want them back. I guess she grew on me. Lol  #loveislandusa #LoveIsland," commented a fan.







'Love Island' Season 2 airs everyday at 9/8c only on CBS. 

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