‘Harriet the Spy’ Season 2 Full cast list: From Beanie Feldstein to Grey Griffin, the voice actors for animated show

‘Harriet the Spy’ Season 2 Full cast list: From Beanie Feldstein to Grey Griffin, the voice actors for animated show
Kimberly Brooks (Instagram/@kimberlybrooks11), Beanie Feldsetin (Instagram/@beaniefeldstein) and Jane Lynch (Instagram/@janelynchofficial) for 'Harriet the Spy'

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The 2D animated adventure series 'Harriet the Spy' on Apple TV+ was based on Louise Fitzhugh's iconic children's novel of the same name, published in 1964. It follows the story of 11-year-old Harriet, who desires to be a writer. Harriet believes that to be an outstanding writer, she has to understand everything, and to do so, she must spy on everyone.


The Jim Henson Company produces the five-episode series, with executive producers Lisa Henson, Halle Stanford, John W Hyde, Terissa Kelton, Wendy Moss-Klein, and Nancy Steingard. Will McRobb developed the show, which was also written in collaboration with  Terissa Kelton and John W Hyde and is directed by Allison Craig. Sidney Clifton is the producer.


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What happens in Season 2 of ‘Harriet the Spy’? 

On April 27, Apple TV+ published the trailer for Season 2 of 'Harriet the Spy,' that reveals how the young girl is going to make her way through life by letting go, growing up, and honoring the gift of today. 



Who are the voice actors for ‘Harriet the Spy’?

Beanie Feldsetin as Harriet M Welsch

Beanie Feldstein, a Golden Globe nominee, plays Harriet M Welsch, a quirky outcast who lives on Manhattan's Upper East Side with her successful socialite parents and has a live-in nanny named Ole Golly. She thinks that to be a good writer, she has to spy on everyone, as she truly desires to 'get' individuals and figure out what it is that makes them tick. So she devises a whole spy routine, snooping on her friends and loved ones.



 Jane Lynch as Catherine Myrtle "Willa" Galliano (Ole Golly)

Jane Lynch plays Catherine Myrtle "Willa" Galliano or Ole Golly, a live-in nanny at Harriet's house. Ole, who enjoys literary works, advises Harriet to keep a notebook with her in which she can write down her views. Harriet is left feeling alone and confused when Ole Golly leaves Harriet's household to move to Montreal with her new husband, Mr. Waldenstein. Harriet spirals after Ole leaves and her breakdown keeps going until she gets a letter from Ole Golly, in which she tells her that to make everything right and regain her circle of friends, she must apologize and lie: "Little lies that make people feel better are not bad."



Lacey Chabert as Marion Hawthorne 

Lacey Chabert plays Marion Hawthorne, Harriet's main school nemesis, a popular girl who is highly deceitful and persuades individuals to do what she wants. She gets appointed class officer and chooses herself as president of the Spy Catcher Club, intending to limit membership to the people she likes.



Kimberly Brooks as Janie Gibbs, Mrs. Gibbs (Janie's mom)

Kimberly Brooks voices both Harriet's best friend Janie Gibbs, who wants to be a scientist, and Janie's mom, Mrs Gibbs. Harriet finds Janie's mother humorous because of her loud personality traits and inability to grasp her daughter's interests. Janie and Harriet's friendship is also tested after she reads Harriet's scathing assessment of her admiration of science and devotion to the end of the world.



Charlie Schlatter as Sport

Charlie Schlatter plays Simon 'Sport' Rocque, one of Harriet's best friends who aspire to be a certified public accountant or a baseball player. He lives with his father, a writer who is mostly unsuccessful throughout the novel. As a result, Sport takes on many of the household responsibilities, such as cooking and cleaning. Sport's friendship with Harriet is tested when he discovers that Harriet has compared him to an 'old woman'.



The additional voice cast includes Crispin Freeman as Young Justice, Grey Griffin as The Loud House, and Bumper Robinson as The Owl House. Guest stars this season include Jaeden Martell, Brad Garrett, and Michelle Trachtenberg.



The five-episode series will be streaming from May 5, 2023, on Apple TV

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 Who stars in 'Harriet the Spy'? Full cast list for Apple TV+'s animated series