Who is Jodie Meschuk? Colorado mom licks supermarket fridge handle, downplays Covid-19 danger

Meschuk claimed 'germs fortify your immune system' in the video she posted which has since gone viral

                            Who is Jodie Meschuk? Colorado mom licks supermarket fridge handle, downplays Covid-19 danger
Antivaxx mom Jodie Meschuk from Colorado licks several items in supermarket claiming germs are good for immunity (Instagram)

Colorado mom Jodie Meschuk, who is open about her antivaxx stance, has kicked things up a notch after recently posting a video from her maskless supermarket visit. Meschuk seemed to go above and beyond to prove germs are beneficial for the immune system and she was filmed touching things around the place and licking her fingers after. She also licked the refrigerator handle at the supermarket after looking into the camera with a 'watch me' attitude and her shenanigans have lit social media ablaze. 

Speaking of gross 'corona challenges', TikToker and Instagram model Ava Louise posted a video last year after which the term 'toilet licker' was coined to address her. While traveling to Miami on March 14, 2020, Louise recorded herself licking a toilet seat of the airplane and then threw a peace sign. She made news once again last month after claiming Amazon sent her blood-soaked sanitary pads. Popular menswear brand Suitsupply came under fire for their orgy-themed promotional campaign where models licked and kissed each other despite social distancing warnings amidst Covid-19 dangers. 


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Who is Jodie Meschuk?

Meschuk describes herself as a "best selling author and speaker" on her Twitter bio. In one of the videos on Instagram, she claimed to have cured autism in a video posted to her Instagram page which she deleted quickly after receiving backlash. In the latest video she posted to her page which she has now made private, Meschuck was seen licking several items around the supermarket including the shopping cart handle, produce bags, and the handle of the beer fridge. She inserted a lot of captions in the video which read, "germs fortify your immune system. Exposure to germs builds defenses against asthma and allergies. Microbes help digestion."

Meschuk's video has sparked outrage amongst people on the Internet. "@JodieMeschuk OH, honey child , you had REALLY better hope KARMA wasn't watching you lick all of those germy objects in the supermarket !! I've heard she can be a real bitch!!" wrote a user on Twitter. "@JodieMeschuk you're a disgusting and selfish individual," wrote another angry Twitter user. "And in this weeks episode of ‘You can’t fix STUPID’…we have @JodieMeschuk," another user tweeted. "Hygiene is evidentially not a concern for you. Nasty. It's not only about COVID. . . people *touch* those handles and they can have open sores of herpes on their hands. *shudder*" read another tweet.