Is Sasha Banks an 'anti-vaxxer'? WWE icon canceled ahead of SummerSlam 2021 comeback

'Some of your favorite wrestlers are conservative racists, homophobes, and borderline pedophiles,' a fan tweeted defending Sasha Banks

                            Is Sasha Banks an 'anti-vaxxer'? WWE icon canceled ahead of SummerSlam 2021 comeback
Wrestler Sasha Banks was called out by disappointed fans on Twitter (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Wrestling star Sasha Banks seems to have landed in serious controversy amid a professional hiatus. The 29-year-old WWE icon, who retreated from the ring for a while after her devastating loss against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 2021, was 'canceled' by a legion of disappointed fans on Twitter. Banks was apparently spotted liking anti-vaccination content on Instagram, prompting people to immediately brand her as an 'anti-vaxxer'. 

While the WWE star is yet to issue any formal statement on the matter, she was lambasted all over social media by furious fans. Her anti-vaxxer stance sparked severe criticism, especially at a time when the world is grappling with a raging pandemic. Meanwhile, there was also a section of Twitter users who came to her defense, arguing that she should be spared from the cancel culture. Sasha Banks is perhaps the latest addition to the long list of celebrities like Jeff Bezos, David Dobrik, Taylor Caniff, and others who were recently canceled by netizens. 


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'Who cares about her politics?'

Recently, Sasha Banks' name was seen in the list of people liking a particular Instagram video and another post that spoke against the Covid-19 vaccination. One of the posts liked from Banks' official account was even flagged by Instagram as 'Partially False information'. "COVID Jab: They skipped all Animal Trials Because all Animals Were Dying & Went Directly to People," read the post, attributing the source of the information to Texas State Senate, May 2021. Screenshots of the post with Sasha Banks' name among the likers soon went viral on Reddit. The photos eventually surfaced across the internet, spurring fans to cancel her. It is, however, not known whether Banks herself has got vaccinated or not. 

A fan tweeted, "Sasha banks so fine but she’s an anti vaxer." "First Undertaker wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt, then Chris Jericho supporting Trump and now Sasha Banks being an anti-vaxer. The wrestlers I loved when I was a fan be trippin’," tweeted another. 

Meanwhile, devoted fans of Sasha Banks came forward to 'stan' their Queen by defending her despite her problematic views. "Sasha Banks is being cancelled by the Twitter Mob, because she is apparently an anti-vaxer. Really? You all wanna cancel her for that? You all seriously need to get your heads examined," tweeted a fan. Another wrote, "Y’all talking about Sasha Banks being an anti vaxxer, but yet some of your favorite wrestlers are conservative racists, homophobes, and borderline pedophiles. STFU TODAY"





"Who cares about her politics?” “She’s just asking questions” “We don’t know if she actually believes this” Got your top 3 excuses out of the way for you, stans, time to come up with something new!" a user tweeted, slamming her supporters. Even reporter David Bixenspan wrote, "Oh great. Another name wrestler might be an anti-vaxxer and you can’t even tweet about it specifically without effectively inviting their Stan army to brigade you to death. Great."