'Toilet-licker' Ava Louise claims Amazon sent her blood-soaked sanitary pads

Ava Louise claimed to have retained a lawyer over the matter and now Amazon has refuted all her claims

                            'Toilet-licker' Ava Louise claims Amazon sent her blood-soaked sanitary pads
Ava Louise has history of making quiestionable claims (Instagram/avalouiise)

A social media influencer, famous on TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans, recently made a startling claim that a package she received after ordering jewelry contained blood and several sanitary napkins. In footage posted to TikTok on Thursday, July 8, Ava Louise said, “After removing the body chain I noticed a foul smell coming from the packaging. When I opened the packaging I noticed dried blood and not one but three blood-soaked period pads.”

The Daily Dot reported that in numerous follow-up videos, Louise claimed to have retained a lawyer over the matter who advised her to file a police report. She also claimed that she was offered a refund and a $10 credit from Amazon after lodging a complaint with customer service. Louise reportedly posted six videos regarding the incident to her TikTok thus far, which have received more than five million views in total.


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Amazon has refuted all her claims. In a statement to the press, Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said, “Ms. Louise is known for fabricating stories to further her own notoriety. We thoroughly investigated her claims and can say for sure that this is just another of her unfortunate hoaxes.” 

Who is Ava Louise?

Responding to the claims that her Amazon allegation was a hoax, Louise told the Daily Dot, “Unfortunately the only reason this is getting any attention is because I have a following on social media, and I feel bad for everyone else who has experienced this without any solutions offered or attention drawn to the matter. This isn’t funny, this isn’t for clout, this is a public health hazard. Amazon needs to do better.”

But Louise does have a history of making questionable claims on social media. The influencer, who appeared as a guest on Dr Phil in February 2019 and said that she’d rather “die hot than live ugly”, reportedly started the rumor that Kanye West was having an affair with makeup YouTuber Jeffree Star. In fact, she later admitted that she "made this entire scandal up [and] there's literally not one bit of truth to anything [she had] said." 


Louise also once claimed on TikTok that Kim Kardashian was suing her. She also claimed that Kris Jenner had allegedly contacted her and included in the lawsuit that Louise needed to apologize to Kardashian.

Louise also made news in 2020 when she uploaded a TikTok of herself licking a toilet seat and captioning it, "Coronavirus Challenge." TikTok reportedly removed the original video for 'violating our Community Guidelines'" soon after she shared it. Louise later said on Instagram that she was "unbothered" by the outrage. She also reportedly said that "it was a clean toilet seat. On a sugar daddy’s plane. I feel hot, rich and iconic. If those are the symptoms of corona then b***h, I’m ill!"

She claimed to reporters that "the seat was bleached before she licked it, she cleaned up after herself so that she wouldn't transmit bodily fluids to anyone else, and she hasn't gotten sick yet from the stunt, which she was the first to perform under the moniker 'coronavirus challenge.'"

In her 2019 ‘Dr Phil’ appearance, Louise admitted that her main goal in life is “to become Insta-famous.” She said that she preferred to be friends with people who could hook her up with cool perks and backstage access at VIP events. “Your philosophy of friends is how you can use them to get where you wanna be?” Dr Phil asked Louise. “Yes,” she replied.