Who is Yong Jun-hyung? Ex-Highlight star announces solo debut after 2019s Burning Sun scandal

Who is Yong Jun-hyung? Ex-Highlight star announces solo debut after 2019s Burning Sun scandal
Almost four years after being embroiled in the Burning Sun scandal, Yong Jun-hyung announces his solo debut (US Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: When it comes to the K-pop industry, oftentimes it becomes impossible for idols to revamp themselves after they have had a controversy. In the case of the accused idols from the 2019 Burning Sun scandal, most of the involved individuals are facing backlash over their past actions. With the Burning Sun scandal being one that not many fans of K-pop will ever be able to forget, an idol who confessed his involvement in the controversy has decided to make a comeback that is being met with mixed reactions from fans.

Yong Jun-hyung also known as Junhyung was a former Highlight member who was one of the many names associated with Jung Joon-young's NSFW chatroom. Back then, Junhyung had confessed to watching the illegally filmed molka (spycam videos) and confessed to making derogatory remarks about the said videos. Since Junhyung was not responsible for illegally filming the videos nor was he the one to share them, the Highlight member took a hiatus from his activities as an idol and permanently exited the boy group. Now, four years since, Junhyung has announced his solo debut.


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Ex-Highlight's Junhyung announces his solo debut

On September 27, Yong Jun-hyung's team told the media that the idol is now going to make a public appearance for the first time in four years. The idol will now be releasing his solo album and making a solo debut. The statement from Junhyung's team stated, "This album is expected to be a signal to announce Yong Junhyung's full-fledged solo career." The statement however did not disclose details about Junhyung's solo debut work like its release information or the form of the album.

The statement also revealed that the new album from Yong Jun-hyung will be released sequentially in the future. After his highly controversial involvement in the 2019 Burning Sun case, Yong Jun-hyung apologized via Highlight's former label, US Entertainment. The former Highlight member had officially left the label in March of 2019 and eventually taken a hiatus from all promotional activities after that. Due to the controversy, Jun-hyun also appeared in court as a witness and was questioned pertaining to his involvement in the case.


After initially denying the allegations via his former label, Jun-hyung eventually confessed to the accusations and eventually enlisted in the military as an active duty soldier. After suffering a knee injury, Jun-hyung was transferred to the post of a social service worker. Following the controversy, Junhyung, at last, released a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to trolls via his personal Instagram. Junhyung said, "If you don't like me, stop following and don't look at me. I hope your day will be filled with beautiful scenes. I love you. Let's love."

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