Who is Tammy Jeka? Woman driver waving Trump 2024 flag crashes Dem press meet in Minnesota

Tammy Jo Jeka waived a Trump 2024 flag and drove her SUV on the lawn of Minnesota State Capitol when Dem Rep John Thompson was speaking to the press

                            Who is Tammy Jeka? Woman driver waving Trump 2024 flag crashes Dem press meet in Minnesota
Tammy Jo Jeka can be seen holding a Trump 2024 flag (Twitter)

A Minnesota woman waving a Trump flag drove her car on the Minnesota State Capitol grounds on Monday, July 26, interrupting a news conference that was being held by embattled Democratic state Rep John Thompson.

Tammy Jo Jeka, 52, drove across the Capitol's south lawn in her SUV before state troopers held her, Bruce Gordon, communications director of the state Public Safety Department, said in a statement. Jeka rammed her vehicle on the sidewalk when Thompson's news conference was going on. Troopers spoke to Jeka and told her to leave the area and drive to the roadway so she could be cited. But Jeka drove on the lawn before she drove to the street, Gordon said. While her car was parked on a plaza, she argued with people who approached her, including two Black men. She could be heard shouting, "I am a White woman. There is only one race." The two troopers somehow managed to take away the vehicle's keys from her, police said. Jeka left the SUV on her own and was taken into custody and shifted to a hospital, where she was evaluated.


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A news report suggests that The State Patrol intends to send the case to the St Paul city attorney for consideration of charges, including reckless driving, Gordon said. When Jeka rammed her vehicle, at that time Thompson was holding a news conference with supporters to address calls for his resignation after past allegations of domestic violence surfaced, he also said that he would not step down. “Wild scene at the Minnesota State Capitol as a woman drives her vehicle onto the south mall, waiving a Trump flag,” Theo Keith, a journalist with Fox-affiliated news station KMSP-TV, tweeted. “The incident disrupted state Rep. John Thompson and his supporters, who are holding a news conference at the Capitol. Now the woman has fled across the Capitol’s south lawn before being stopped on MLK Blvd by police in unmarked squads.”


In a social media video, Jekas can be seen waving a Trump 2024 flag out of the window as the supporters approach. A struggle appears to ensue between the motorist and a few members of the crowd who seem to be attempting to snatch the flag from her. John Crowman shared a video of the struggle, "Trump supporter named Tammy Jo drives onto State Capitol mall interrupting the John Thompson support press conference." One Twitter user said, "A woman named Tammy Jo proceeded to drive her mayo mover up onto the Capitol grounds waving a giant Trump flag & clutching a Bible to her chest. I'm not lying or exaggerating- like..." While one wrote, "These people are now a cult."