Donald Trump wants Covid-19 vaccine to be called 'Trumpcine', Internet jokes 'only if it has bleach in it'

'Trumpcine resolves the Trump plague and its mass murder of a half million Americans. But it won't erase the name of the Trump disease,' said a user

                            Donald Trump wants Covid-19 vaccine to be called 'Trumpcine', Internet jokes 'only if it has bleach in it'
Former President Donald Trump seems to have made yet another controversial statement (Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump told the Republican Party donors on Saturday, April 10, that the Covid-19 vaccine should be named after him as he advised them to call it 'the Trumpcine'. In a series of controversial statements passed by the former POTUS, he also called the November election in which Joe Biden won 'bulls**t,' according to The Washington Post, which cited an attendee, who also stated that he spoke for about an hour at his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort for a party fundraiser.

Trump also said that he wished former Vice President Mike Pence had held the 'courage' to send the certification of the Electoral College votes back to state legislatures. "I like him so much. I was disappointed," Trump said, according to The Washington Post. 


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Trump added that most Democrats think he won the election, but they won't say it out loud. He quoted a line from 2015 calling immigrants passing the border illegally violent criminals, this time saying "they're coming in from the Middle East".

"They’re not sending their best people. You have murderers, you have rapists, you have drug dealers," Trump said. He also slammed Sen Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the former Republican Senate Majority leader, who has since fallen out with Trump after pinning Capitol riot attack on him.

McConnell is a "dumb son of a b***h," Trump said in his Saturday remarks, according to a CNN reporter, who was told by a person in the room. The person also heard the remarks about the "Trumpcine". His remarks on the vaccine come after polls showed Republicans are more hesitant to get the vaccine than Democrats and independents. Trump promoted vaccine development along with his Operation Warp Speed. Trump in March asked his supporters to get vaccinated. 

'Grateful he no longer has the nuclear codes'

As soon as the Internet got a hold of the "Trumpcine" statement, people started talking about it. One Internet user said: "I wish trump would publicly demand his followers get his #Trumpcine .... otherwise we might never get them vaccinated. If he would ever use his ego for the greater good...? #HerdImmunity #CovidVaccine." While another one said, "That name is reserved for the vaccine that cures people of being complete morons. #Trumpcine." Another joked, "Only if it has bleach in it".





Another one tweeted: "Donald Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Called 'Trumpcine'.And all the coved deaths should have Trump disease as a cause-no hope for America when half the country follow this moron and it will be the ruin of them and democracy." Slamming him one wrote: "He also said the COVID vaccine should be called the Trumpcine. His narcissistic ego requires his name on everything and then he proceeds to bankrupt it and destroy it. He is so dangerous I am grateful he no longer has the nuclear codes. Rest assured that he will sell out the US."



One tweeted: "Take a few batches & call them Trumpcine Use magat gang colors & orange guy’s face on packaging Include life-size cardboard cutout of him to take selfies while getting the shot Banners of “Thank you, Mr President!” Think of it as one of those police “you won a prize” stings." While another one who sounded disgusted said, "Trumpcine? That's what Trump wanted to call the Covid vaccine. Geez. Nasty Buffoon. Old feeble man."



Mocking Trump some said, "Trumpcine for the trump virus," and "In the sense that polio vaccine resolves the polio virus, that "trumpcine" resolves the Trump plague and its mass murder of a half million Americans. But it won't erase the name of the Trump disease. That is as indelible as the MAGA 666."



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