Who hung 'Trump Won’ banner in Yankee stadium? 2 men booted out for viral stunt

The viral video and photos from Yankee stadium show the two men, still to be identified, holding a banner that reads 'Trump Won Save America'

                            Who hung 'Trump Won’ banner in Yankee stadium? 2 men booted out for viral stunt
2 men were booted out of the Yankees stadium on Thursday, May 27, for holding the banner that read, 'Trump Won' (Twitter/@NYCSuperMan/George Frey/Getty Images)

Two men were escorted away from the Yankee Stadium on Thursday, May 27, one of them allegedly in cuffs, after they hung a large pro-Trump banner from the second deck of the viewers' seats.

The viral video and photos show two men holding a banner type of flag that reads 'Trump Won Save America'  on the first-base side of the stadium. It was reported that at one point, a man on the third deck, below the two men, jumped up in order to pull down the banner during the second game of a doubleheader between the Yankees and Blue Jays. The two Trump supporters, whose names have not been revealed yet, appear to be struggling over the flag banner with a security guard in the videos posted online.


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Later, a video posted on Facebook revealed that additional security and stadium workers received a complaint about the political flag, asking for it to be removed from the stadium. In the video about the viral stunt, one man appears to have been handcuffed as he is escorted from the seating area.

"A couple fans at Yankee Stadium just unveiled a massive banner that reads “Trump Won Save America” Sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a loud cheer," tweeted Max Goodman, who covers the team for Sports Illustrated. Lindsey Adler, a reporter with The Athletic tweeted, “Lots of booing here after some jabronis unfurled a ‘TRUMP WON’ banner off the second deck. (He didn’t).” She tweeted after the men were escorted out, “Now we have extremely loud cheering as the conspiracy theory banner people are led out of the section by security.”



One game watcher said, "It never fails to amaze me that the delusion is so deep, they think almost everyone must agree with them." One person surprised by the fact that the two men bought the huge poster inside stadium said, "Security usually checks all signage before letting the folks in. Pretty surprised they got it in."



Sharing a picture from the stadium, one person said, "Guy draps a "Trump won" flag over second deck at Yankee Stadium during today's Yankees v. Blue Jays game." One person who apparently attended the game said, "I was there. The non New Yorkers who unfurled this flag resisted security, practically assaulting them, and were quickly escorted out. Lucky them coz if they pulled this stunt outside the stadium they would've gotten their asses kicked."



While one person apparently took this up as a challenge and said, "New challenge... let’s do it at every stadium in America." Making fun of Trump, one said, "Trump booed at Yankee Stadium — and he wasn’t even there"



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