Who is Purpled? James Charles slammed for posting pic of Minecraft YouTuber, 17

James Charles is under fire again after he shared pictures of himself watching Purpled's Minecraft streams

                            Who is Purpled? James Charles slammed for posting pic of Minecraft YouTuber, 17
James Charles and Purpled (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images/ YouTube/Purpled)

Internet personality James Charles was asked by Twitterati to stop interacting with minors amid allegations of him being a "groomer". The YouTuber faced flak after he shared pictures of himself watching teen Minecraft YouTuber Purpled on Monday, July 19.

In a July video titled 'An Open Conversation', Charles discussed what he's learned since leaving YouTube in April, following claims from two minors that he had improper discussions with them on social media. The beauty mogul was in March accused of sending flirtatious messages to a 16-year-old boy. Just a week prior, viral videos were doing the rounds of someone called "Isaiyah", who said Charles asked for pictures of his body right after he had told him he was 16.


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In March, during his guest appearance on Jake Paul's 'IMPAULSIVE' podcast, Charles said, "So, the thing is for me, I'm 21 but I have the mentality of a 40-year-old. So, for me, I'm much more mentally and emotionally mature than a lot of people my age. I'm not physically attracted to older guys, which sucks. Like, I would date the absolute youngest like 18-19 that looks a little bit older." Now, the YouTuber is being slammed for his pictures watching Purpled. 

James Charles' Instagram story showing him watching Purpled play (Instagram/jamescharles)

Who is Purpled?

Grayson, 17, is an American Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster from Virginia, better known online as Purpled (previously poolboy3 and xPoolboy). He is most well-known for playing the 'BedWars' game mode on Minecraft server Hypixel, and for holding the top spots on the solo leaderboards. He ranks second highest in Solo Wins, where he is ranked No. 18 currently, second highest in Solo Final Kills, where he is ranked 16th currently.

He's good at speed bridging and he's also organized a 1v1 tournament on the game mode before. He is a DreamSMP member, however, he does not broadcast it as frequently as he streams other games. He's just started playing other games such as Fortnite, Subnautica and Among Us. As of July 6, he has 900,000 followers on Twitch. He hit 50 million video views on January 14 this year. PurpledLIVE has 200,000 subscribers as of February 25.

Purpled was motivated to start producing YouTube videos after meeting Secret Fish, a fellow former BedWars participant and YouTuber, during a Solo BedWars game. After Secret Fish stated that he was a streamer, Purpled was motivated to start his own broadcast after watching a couple of his, according to YouTube Fandom. Purpled lives with his mother in the state of Virginia. He has two elder brothers, both of whom are college students. Purpled claims to be 6'3" (191 cm) tall, while in reality, he is 6'0" tall (183 cm). He is the captain of his tennis team. He and fellow content creator Wallibear are good friends who see each other frequently.

'Gatekeeping Purpled'

A Reddit thread on Monday began discussing how James Charles watches Purpled's streams after the beauty mogul posted pictures of him watching the Minecrafter on his Instagram. Fans took to Twitter to share their views on the issue as well. "James Charles neg Nahhh we aint having this, gatekeeping Purpled right this second stay back," said one. "james charles stop interacting with minors especially publicly when ure a well known groomer," another chipped in. "Forget being a girlboss. I'm gatekeeper. Gatekeeping purpled bedwars from james Charles hell no," a third said. "This James Charles person is acting like a straight up pedophile and it's disgusting. This is what? The 6th time or something now that they've been caught grooming underage people?" a fourth added.





'Never seen anyone love kids more than James'

Others shared pictures of Charles allegedly kissing GeorgeNotFound. "JAMES CHARLES FLIRTING WITH GEORGE AFTER SAYING HE LOOKS LIKE A MINOR IM OUT," said a Twitter user. "I have never seen anyone love kids more than James Charles," said a second. "I can’t anymore please just stay away from Purpled as a minor I am v uncomfy w this play just stop step away from the poor guy I’m gonna cry," a third chimed in.



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