James Charles appears nude in 'pregnancy' photoshoot cradling 'baby bump', Internet calls him 'transphobic'

After shocking people with his completely bald photograph, Charles dropped yet another shocker after posting a completely naked photo of himself, cradling his pretend-pregnant belly

                            James Charles appears nude in 'pregnancy' photoshoot cradling 'baby bump', Internet calls him 'transphobic'
Makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles (Instagram)

Hey Sisters, it's time for a sister shock! James Charles, the darling of the Kardashians and the multitude on YouTube alike just pulled off a move that everyone has gone bonkers over. If photos of his (possibly) bald head were not enough to cause nightmares for his 26.8 million followers on Instagram, he's gone a thousand more steps ahead and posted a completely naked photo of himself on his feed. Charles is showing off his pregnant belly, we mean pretend-pregnant belly by cradling it in his hands, in the photo taken at a "maternity photoshoot" he did recently. 

People are still shaking their heads in disbelief at the photo posted on Friday night. James is sitting on his knees around some very pretty pastel-colored flowers but Charles's beat face and his completely naked body that appears to be heavily pregnant stick out like a sore thumb. This picture is a part of the promotion of the latest video that he posted to his YouTube channel filmed with his friend Laura Mellado who is in fact pregnant. 


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Charles titled the video "24 Hours Being PREGNANT!!" and he created this video to understand how it feels to be pregnant in order to show his support to Laura. James sported a silicone moon bump, ate Taco Bell for two, and for the complete experience he even went all in and signed himself up to feel contractions. Charles had put Laura at the helm of this video and before people dive into it, there was a disclaimer where he stated that the purpose of this video is in no way to disrespect or disregard pregnant women. In the last minutes of the video, James said thank you to Laura for making the experience as realistic as possible for him. "It goes to show how unbelievably strong and beautiful being pregnant actually is," he said. 


People on Twitter have been roasting the YouTuber and makeup guru and his pregnant photo. "Why is a cis man pretending to be pregnant in the first place? Not men always sticking their noses into business that’s not theirs," wrote an unamused user. "James Charles posting a picture of him in a pregnant belly once again being a transphobic and oblivious waste of space and time," read another tweet. "I think we can all agree that seeing James Charles pregnant and bald at the same time was the most traumatizing experience," another user tweeted. "This is literally transphobia. what if trans women who wanted to feel pregnant? are their emotions invalid just because SOMEONE in this world can’t?" wrote another. 








Charles has been in the news since the time he started his career on YouTube. From being laughed at and mocked for his ghostly white mug that went on to become a viral meme to his feud with Jeffrey Star and Tati, Charles is one of the few members of the makeup community that has attained celebrity status. All of 21 years, Charles is successful but his journey has been full of hiccups and nasty comments from people on the Internet that seldom affect him. 


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