Who is Jake Cherry? Minor boy, 16, accuses James Charles of flirting in TikTok video after grooming allegations

The latest allegations come within months of minors previously talking about Charles's objectionable behavior

                            Who is Jake Cherry? Minor boy, 16, accuses James Charles of flirting in TikTok video after grooming allegations
James Charles has been accused of flirting with a 16-year-old boy (Getty Images)

James Charles has recently been accused of sending flirtatious messages to a 16-year-old boy. These allegations come shortly after he was accused of the same by multiple minors back in February. As with the previous allegations, Jake Cherry, the minor in question, took to social media to post a video with alleged screenshots of his conversation with Charles, 21.

Jake took to TikTok to talk about how the social media influencer flirted with him, despite him being underage and attached screenshots of their alleged conversation in the same. In the screenshots, Charles was seen getting enraged at the fact that his chats were being shared by the boy in his private story. 


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He allegedly lashed out at the boy by becoming overtly defensive: "I strongly recommend that you keep my name out of your mouth or we're going to have a major problem I'd love to remind you that you were the one that called me cute and said you were bisexual and into me'" Charles also claimed Jake lied to him about his age and that he had messages to prove it but it's gone. 

A string of screenshots from the TikTok video are attached here.

Conversation with James Charles (@jakecherryy/ TikTok)


Conversation with James Charles (@jakecherryy/ TikTok)


Conversation with James Charles (@jakecherryy/ TikTok)


Conversation with James Charles (@jakecherryy/ TikTok)


Conversation with James Charles  (@jakecherryy/ TikTok)


A number of Twitter users pointed out that Charles needs to be held accountable for his actions. "The (alleged) James Charles interactions with minors show a pattern of JC getting aggressive + claiming that the minor lied about their age once screenshots leak. It's an increasingly worrisome use of his power dynamic. He shouldn't be privately messaging young fans at all," said Kat Tenbarge.

"I’ll say without a shadow of a doubt James Charles is the ONLY creator that deserves to be banned and stripped from all social platform. He’s abusing it by sexting with MINORS!!!!!!!!!! repeated behavior happening as recent as a few days ago. This is an actual predator/ pedophile," YouTuber Trisha Paytas said, adding, "James Charles deserves prison. I really hope one of these parents press charges. It’s so nauseating. I’m physically nauseous. And he’s so cocky about getting away with it all."

"James Charles caught with yet another 15-year-old boy I swear to god y’all this is getting fucking ridiculous. Call anyone out they associates with this man I am losing my mind," added Ethan Klein.

Back in February, Twitter page DefNoodles posted a series of screenshots initially posted by one of the accusers, who went by 'a0nnnj' on Twitter. The minor mentioned to Charles in a video that he was 17. He maintained that despite him telling Charles about his age, he “continued” to flirt with him.

As reported by Dexerto, another minor spoke up about how Charles asked him for nudes. "He started making the conversation very sexual, and it made me really uncomfortable,” the minor said. “I was getting really uncomfortable so I told him my age, I told him I’m 16. Meanwhile, he’s 21, he’s a grown man.” He added, along with screenshots of their interaction.

Another Twitter user, who goes by the handle @lifeofuzzy shared screenshots of his conversation with Charles, saying that 'it was his turn to share his disgusting experience'. He also tweeted that "he (Charles) even screenshotted my photos without my permission and gave me attitude when I didn’t do what he wanted."


Amid these allegations, YouTube has announced that Charles will not be returning for Season 2 of 'Instant Influnencer', the show he previously hosted on the platform.

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