Who is Memo Villegas? 'Heavenly Bites' host once wanted to become soccer player

Netflix is back again with a food show that will be hosted by Mexican actor and comedian Memo Villegas

                            Who is Memo Villegas? 'Heavenly Bites' host once wanted to become soccer player
Memo Villegas (Instagram)

Every one of us loves to hop on new dishes and if it looks excellent and mouth-watering, who can resist having them? If you are also one of them who loves to explore new and tasty cuisines then, Netflix is coming up with something more special for you. 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' is the upcoming food show on Netflix

'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' is a six-part show that will be showing you a unique way through which the chefs convert the old dishes into something new and different just by adding a few more ingredients and spices to them. The show will be focusing on Mexican food that is cooked with no rules. The culinary journey will be showing many types of food items that you may not have even heard about. Memo Villegas will be hosting the show and taking you through the venture of the upcoming food show. So, if you are curious to know about Memo Villegas then continue reading.


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Who is Memo Villegas? 

Memo Villegas is a famous Mexican actor and comedian who belongs to the city of Toluca. Memo Villegas has been recognized for his works in various movies like 'Run Coyote Run', 'Prayers for the Stolen', and 'The Chosen.' Memo was very much interested in playing soccer during his childhood and also had an aim to become a professional soccer player. However, his ambition and desire took a turn in sixth grade, after he played the role of Gaston in a school play of 'Beauty and the Beast.' He was very much confident after discovering his potential for acting, and with this, he started to dig and sharpen his acting skills for becoming a professional actor.


After discovering his acting skills, Memo began to join and attend various theatre workshops. In addition, he also completed his bachelor's degree in acting from the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA). He gave a start to his professional career in 2017 with his role of Julian Hernandez in the movie 'Rabioso sol.' Since then, his career has taken off and gained him a position in the film industry. 'Narcos: Mexico' is one of his prominent series. Moreover, he also marked his participation in the Netflix original series titled 'Historia de uncrime: The Search.'