Netflix 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico': 5 things you need to know about the food show

Netflix 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico': 5 things you need to know about the food show
Heavenly Bites: Mexico (Netflix)

If you are one who loves to savor different cuisines and then Netflix's 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' is right up your alley. 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' is mainly a six-part food series that revolves around the exploration of Mexican gastronomic delights and takes it one step further.

The series has been also described as the culinary journey that follows various characters who are making unique dishes in mouth-watering flavors. These chefs shown on the show are mixing ingenuity with their passion for food. If you want to know more about the upcoming Netflix show then, read on.



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When will 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' be released and where can you watch it 

'Heavenly Bites: Mexico ' will be airing on January 19, 2022. You can watch the upcoming series on Netflix.

What is 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' all about 

The official synopsis reads, "Welcome to a food extravaganza, a visual poem to Mexico's foodie ingenuity and the quirky and delicious flavors that are worth the stomach aches."

Who stars in the upcoming 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico' 

The series will be following various chefs who will plate their talents with unique Mexican dishes. Memo Villegas will be hosting the show and will take you through the venture and fascinating culinary journey. 


Memo Villegas 

Memo Villegas is a very famous actor popularly known for his work in various movies like 'Run Coyote Run', 'The Chosen' and 'The Backdoor.' Now he will be seen hosting the upcoming new series on Netflix, titled 'Heavenly Bites: Mexico.' 





Juan Marquez directs the upcoming Netflix food series. The creators of the show are Nacho Gil and Laura Woldenberg. The list for the executive producers includes Laura Woldenberg and Ivonne Guiterrez.




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