Who is Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr? Virginia delivery driver wants no bad vibes on 'Love Island'

Who is Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr?  Virginia delivery driver wants no bad vibes on 'Love Island'
Melvin 'Cinco' Holland on 'Love Island' (CBS)

Love it or hate it, you can't escape the game of love and this rule holds true for the participants of 'Love Island' Season 3. The show has all the ingredients for a successful reality show, seeing that it comes jam-packed with romance, drama, challenges and more.

With 12 contestants stuck in a villa in Hawaii, passion runs at an all-time high as these islanders try to stay coupled up through the show. To add to it, contestants can ditch their existing partners for the new islanders. And while finding love sounds exciting, there's a cash prize on the line that everyone has their eyes on.


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Who is Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr?

Melvin 'Cinco' Holland Jr is a 25-year-old delivery driver and fitness trainer from Ashburn, Virginia. Holland was born in Tallahassee, Florida, and raised in the Northern Virginia/DC area. As per his Linkedin, he has a master's degree in Strategic Business Leadership from Tennessee Technological University and a bachelor of business administration degree from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

As reported by Parade, Holland is looking for a partner with a positive attitude. He does not want "someone who's selfish, someone who's closed-mind and not able to communicate, and someone who's pessimistic and brings bad vibes." When asked which 'Love Island' contestant would he want to go on a date with, he picked Sher Suarez from Season 2. "Definitely Sherry. Can we go on a date, please? I'd really appreciate it," he added.

Holland also admitted that he has made some mistakes when it comes to love, seeing that he has cheated and been cheated on. "It was me being young, dumb, and not able to communicate. But I've learned from it and grown from it," he explained. "I've matured and learned I don't want to deal with that drama, or put anyone else through that drama." When asked what drink he would be, he picked Long Island iced tea. "I would say a Long Island iced tea, if that's not corny. They're usually super strong and have different alcohols and aspects to them. But they can get you loose. Everyone loves it," he explained. 


Is Melvin on Instagram?

With a following of 12k, Holland goes by @thetough_cinco on Instagram. His bio mentions that he is also the co-founder of @thetough_fitness, which specializes in athlete explosive performance training, strength training and weight loss training. You can also follow him on Tik Tok -- @thetough_cinco.


Watch the 90-minute Season 3 premiere of 'Love Island' USA on Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS and Paramount+.

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