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Who is Shannon Singh? 'Love Island' star deletes OnlyFans account after NSFW leak threat

Shannon Singh talked about the crude bullying she faced on OnlyFans that included followers trying to leak her racy pictures
UPDATED JUN 23, 2021
Shannon Singh was called a 'disgrace' on OnlyFans (Instagram:@shannonsinghhh)
Shannon Singh was called a 'disgrace' on OnlyFans (Instagram:@shannonsinghhh)

TV's hottest dating reality show, 'Love Island' is returning with yet another stellar lineup expected to make everyone's summer sizzle even more. Participating in the 2021 season is OnlyFans content creator Shannon Singh, who recently deleted her account on the paid subscription site after followers tried to leak her racy pictures. Singh took down her page after she saw requests of a leak going around in a Reddit thread. Her disappointing experience with the platform comes shortly after Singh had dished out details about the crude bullying she faced on a regular basis on OnlyFans.

Sigh is appearing on the CBS reality show as it returns after an 18-month break. The contestant will be joining an impressive lineup that includes Nandos waitress Liberty Poole, and the show's first-ever differently-abled star - PE teacher Hugo Hammond. Heading to the villa is also Sharon Gaffka, a beauty queen who's worked for the government since she was 18, and also happens to be an ambassador for The Young Women's Trust. 


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Who is Shannon Singh?

At just 22, Singh has been a glamour model for quite a while. She had joined OnlyFans under the name Alexa Campbell and ultimately had to delete her account when Reddit users talked about trying to leak her photos. Singh, from Scotland's Fife, is not the only one in her family who's dabbled in risque entertainment, as her father, a man of Indian descent from Birmingham, is an ex-stripper.

The glamour girl has previously talked about how empowering she finds stripping off for sexy photos, and has also enthused about having sex eight times a day. Speaking on the 'Who's Your Daddy' podcast, Singh explained: "I have always been really confident. When I first started to do glamour [shots] my Instagram was so raunchy. I used to have topless photos with censored nipple." She continued: "I think sexy content is empowering. I don’t do those pictures any more as I am trying to be more commercial. I have never done full nude, you have glamour and you have porn. Glamour is topless modelling, any kind of vagina is a scope of porn to me."


Bullied on OnlyFans

Singh, who was recently revealed as one of the 11 contestants heading into the villa on Love Island's June 28 premiere, has already had a taste of public scrutiny associated with these shows and its contestants, who often become infamous. Unfortunately, she was granted that experience on OnlyFans. The intense bullying lead her to leave the website. "My DM's are flooded with messages like, 'you are a disgrace'," Singh said in the podcast, continuing with the downside of being on adult entertainment sites. "I get so much s*** from Asian guys. My DM's are flooded with messages like, 'you are a disgrace, you are a f***ing s**t'. I get hate, trust me," she added, sharing: "I ignore it, it doesn't bother me, I'm like 'you're such an angry little man, go and w**k off'. Sometimes I bite to it, if I wake up in a bad mood."

But despite her successful casting, Singh has also experiences predatory behavior such as leaked NSFW content. According to The Mirror, a Reddit thread discussion on leaking her content saw one user comment: "Leak her content pls", and Singh immediately responded: "Leak my content? You are f*****g GROSS. Pay for it you weirdos." The exchange happened late last year and shortly after, Singh deleted all her content from the page. 


Singh's celebrity attention

Singh has also strictly refused to do nude photoshoots and porn. "I have never done full nude, you have glamour and you have porn," she said on the podcast, before getting into the details of her sex life. "I am very sexually active, I have sex like eight times a day. Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active," she said in the podcast, adding: "I had sex in the morning yesterday, then in a toilet, then in the afternoon.
'I quite like a bit of rough and tough. I kind of like it rough and I love a bit of morning sex. I love it."

Singh also revealed: "I lost my virginity quite young, I have always been mature for my age. I regret losing it so young. But I was sexually active from a young age. I have always been really confident." And when asked about her recent fame from being cast in the reality show, Singh spilled: "I've got quite a lot of people who've been in my DMs… some I can't even say. A few footballers."