'Love Island': Carrington says he and Kierstan are 'exotic', fans call him an 'egomaniacal White douche'

Fans were not at all happy with what Carrington had to say and some even said that the chemistry between the two looks like they are mother and son

                            'Love Island': Carrington says he and Kierstan are 'exotic', fans call him an 'egomaniacal White douche'
Carrington, Kierstan (CBS)

Carrington Rodriguez and Kierstan Saulter look like a perfect pair but that could just be on paper. Kierstan, while enjoying a little downtime with the girls at the pool, shared she loves older boys but Carrington was a good change and will allow her to experience newer things in life. Meanwhile, Carrington seemed confident that they were getting along and even called their pair "exotic".

And this comment had viewers all riled up, who specifically pointed out there's nothing "exotic" about Carrington's skin tone and he should stop saying that. "#LoveIsland YOURE NOT F***ING 'EXOTIC' LOOKING YOU EGOMANIACAL DOUCHE!!! YOU’RE F***ING WHITE CARRINGTON," one tweeted, to which another responded: "Literally. And she’s 60% plastic and 40% makeup."



"'We both look exotic' Carrington, yall are white, stop it. #LoveIsland," a fan shared, while another expressed: "I know carrington the big time rush & one direction looking boy did not just call himself exotic #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA."



"We both have an exotic look"...Karrington you look like every dude in South Beach...lol #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland," a viewer pointed out.  


Meanwhile, fans on a Reddit thread discussed how the chemistry between Carrington and Kierstan was off and whenever they kissed each other goodnight, it seemed as though a "mother was kissing a son".

"I can’t handle Carrington, he is the definition of a frat boy. Nothing about him is attractive unless you’re a teenage girl," a fan commented, while another posted: "Kiersten kissing Carrington goodnight. Totally looked like a mom kissing her son goodnight." Another shared, "Carrington is a boy. He probably used a fake ID to get on the show." One expressed. "Kiersten seems bored around Carrington."

The comments may come across as wild but it could be stemming from the fact that while most couples cuddle and snuggle under the blanket, Carrington and Kierstan sleep apart. In the same bed, but distant. However, it could be that Kierstan is the new girl and will take time to warm up to Carrington because she did seem like she was looking forward to spending time with him when she had a chat with the ladies about the same.
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