World Hottest Grandma: Who is Gina Stewart's boyfriend? 50-yr-old bombarded by 'proposals'

World Hottest Grandma:  Who is Gina Stewart's boyfriend? 50-yr-old bombarded by 'proposals'
Gina Stewart reveals that the simple secret to her young looks is drinking green tea every day (Instagram)

World's hottest grandmother Gina Stewart flaunted her cleavage in a plunging top on Twitter and revealed that the simple secret to her young looks is drinking green tea every day. As some fans took notes, others wanted to know more about her personal life and if she is dating anyone.

Stewart's top tip to fight off aging is drinking green tea regularly to many people's surprise. "It's one of my favorite and one of the cheapest ways to stay healthy. A cup of green tea each day, perfect hot or cold,' she continued. 'Numerous health benefits and extremely high in antioxidants." She has previously opened up about using rosehip oil and natural coconut oil to moisturize her skin and to keep her hair healthy and lustrous. Even though many people don't agree, Gina is strictly against artificial enhancements like Botox and fillers. The hot granny has previously said that it's important to find "anti-aging treatments without going under the knife."



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Reports suggest that the only surgery Stewart had are her double E-cup breast implants, which she's since confirmed that she wants to have removed after they've caused her breast implant illness. "I had no idea that breast implants could cause cancer until really recently. It’s terrifying," she told The Sun in 2018. "And it’s not just cancer we have to worry about. So many women are getting sick because of their plastic implants and are suffering from different illnesses and symptoms," she added.




Who is Gina Stewart's boyfriend?

Stewart who is 50 years old regularly stuns fans with her youthful looks. But despite her online popularity, the hot grandmother is yet to meet the man of her dreams. In 2018, Gina spilled some beans about her dating life. The social media star said: “I’ve had many marriage proposals every day from men (and some women) from all over the world. Many billionaires and even teenage boys wanting to be their step mum. An American sniper fighting in Afghanistan called me the strongest woman he knows to be able to lift his spirits in a world of hell each day." Even though there are lots of offers on the table, Gina only wants to settle for the best. Unlike other picky ladies, the Aussie beauty isn’t interested in the traditional heartthrob, instead, she believes it will be someone with a caring nature to win her over. Gina has confessed: “It’s going to take one hell of a man to win me over as I don’t care about their looks or how big their bank account is. What attracts me is how big their heart is.”




In 2020, there were rumors that Stewart was allegedly dating 'Married at first sight' star Dino Hira. Hira, 37, raised eyebrows when he was caught 'liking' photos of The World's Hottest Grandma on Instagram. Stewart addressed the romance rumors and said that "any girl would be lucky" to date a man like Hira. "Dino is a lovely guy," said the glamorous mother-of-four, adding that she considers the mediation coach a "good friend." "I have a lot of respect for him and how he managed himself on Married At First Sight," she continued. "He's a good friend and is all about kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love. Any girl would be lucky to be with such a man."




Stewart rose to fame in 2018 when she made it to the finals of Maxim's Finest Australia contest a competition that pitted her against 18-year-olds. The grandma, who has a one-year-old grandchild, ended up losing out on the title of Miss Maxim Australia in what was reportedly a close race but held the fan-bestowed title of “world’s hottest” granny nonetheless. In 2019 she accused Instagram of threatening her free speech after removing her photos.


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 Who is Gina Stewart's boyfriend? World hottest grandmother gets 'marriage proposals every day'