"World's hottest grandma" may be swamped with marriage proposals, but is holding out for Mr Right

"World's hottest grandma" may be swamped with marriage proposals, but is holding out for Mr Right
She has been getting a lot of proposals but is holding out for Mr. Right (Getty Images)

Gina Stewart, the Instagram star who took the world by storm for her youthful looks, is swamped with marriage proposals every day but she takes it all in good spirit. She hopes to be chosen to model for Miss Maxim some day and hopefully, that day will come soon for the 47-year-old.

Stewart has become a worldwide phenomenon and has been named the world's hottest grandma by many. Her pictures on Instagram always rack up the likes and comments and with good reason.

In spite of all this new-found fame, Stewart says she is still waiting to meet the man of her dreams. She revealed all the details about her dating life during an interview with Daily Star. 

Being blessed with beauty and extremely youthful looks, that many women can only dream of having at her age, it is almost unbelievable that she has not found a man.

Stewart posts sexy pictures of herself on Instagram regularly and has won hearts for her killer body and her radiant smile. It's probably because of this that she now has more than 74,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform.


Her fans love the inspirational quotes that she posts on Instagram. Many others think that she is as gorgeous as Pamela Anderson. Who can blame them, though? The two women share a striking resemblance that's hard to ignore.

Stewart told the Daily Star: "I’ve had many marriage proposals every day from men (and some women) from all over the world. Many billionaires and even teenage boys wanting to be their step mum."

"An American sniper fighting in Afghanistan called me the strongest women he knows to be able to lift his spirits in a world of hell each day."

Stewart said that even though she has many offers from men so far, she will only settle for the best. What sets the Australian model apart from other women is that she is not the least bit interested in the heartthrob of the traditional sense.

Stewart, instead, believes in being with a man who has a caring personality and that is what she says will win her affections.

She said: "It’s going to take one hell of a man to win me over as I don’t care about their looks or how big their bank account is. What attracts me is how big their heart is."


The bombshell also confessed that she has always dreamed of having her perfect happily ever after. She also said that even though she would love it if a man swept her off her feet, she will always put her family first and is determined to keep it that way.

The mother-of-four said: "I’m raising my four-year-old daughter so all my time is devoted to her. I have never been married before so it would be a dream to find my life partner and walk down the aisle in a beautiful dress."

"I’ve been envisioning that moment ever since I was a young girl. The only aisle I’ve ever walked down is in the supermarket so I hope that someone special could make my dream come true one day."


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