8 easy anti-aging facial exercises which you can do at home

There's no need to go under the knife for a facelift - just try these 8 easy to do anti-aging exercises and see the difference.They can all be done in the comfort of your home.

                            8 easy anti-aging facial exercises which you can do at home
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You do not need professional help or countless creams to keep your face looking young and fresh. All you need is to follow and do a couple of face exercises which will achieve the same (probably better) results. Facial exercises and face yoga is fantastic for anti-aging and will benefit you greatly. 

Here are 8 easy to do anti-aging exercises: 

1) Massaging your face

Using the tips of your fingers, stroke your forehead from down to up. You can also massage your scalp in circular motions. Proceed to move to your cheeks and pat them in the direction of your temples. This method requires 20 massages around 2-3 times per week in order to see a visible difference. Make sure that your hands are nice and clean before the procedure. 


2) Contrast massage

This is a very effective method when it comes to face exercises and can also help in getting rid off a double chin. For this procedure, you will need a towel and water. Fold the towel in half and wet it in cold and slightly salted water. Take the towel ends and pat your chin. Perform the patting ten times before repeating the process with lukewarm water. 


3) Temple rising

This exercise was invented by Yoshiko Mamada using some simple breathing exercises. There are a couple of steps which you should follow: 

a) Stand in front of the mirror and place your right hand on your left temple area so that your fingers touch the outer corner of your eye. Lightly press and pull the skin up. Make sure that you are not leaning forward. 

b) Stay in this position and proceed to tilt your head to the right. You will feel a stretch on your neck. 

c) Take your tongue out in the direction your head is tilted and at the same time, exhale and say "ha". Make sure you are breathing through the nose and stay in this position as you take at least 4-5 breathes. 

d) Take your tongue back in and relax. Repeat this procedure for the opposite side. 


4) Face gymnastics

Lower your eyelids, close your eyes and remain like that for around 10-15 seconds. Place your hands on your forehead and press it lightly. As you do this, try and move your eyeballs clockwise. Another exercise that you can try is to puff your cheeks up and breathe in and out while keeping the air in your mouth. Proceed to roll it from one side of your mouth to the other and repeat for 10 seconds. 


5) Saying the alphabet

Face muscles can get weak over time but reciting the alphabet and making a conscious effort to enunciate the alphabets clearly will help you to build up your face muscles. Simple sounds like X and O can make a huge difference. If you spend a few minutes every day saying the alphabet, it will benefit your face muscles greatly. 


6) Doing the clown face

Yes, the clown face as freaky as it is, is a popular face exercise technique to prolong anti-aging. All you have to do is smile like a crazy clown and try to keep your mouth shut. Proceed to wrinkle your nose and play around with different eyebrow expressions. After you do this, stop smiling and then lower your chin for five seconds. Proceed to repeat this process. For best results, do this exercise at least three times a week. 


7) Making funny faces

As funny as it sounds or as awkward as it may feel, making weird faces in the mirror is an effective way of reducing visible aging marks. All you have to do is let your inhibitions go away and proceed to make different sorts of funny faces, whether it is opening your mouth wide as if in shock to sticking your tongue. These exercises help to make your muscles tense and help to build them up. 


8) Face Yoga

This is one of the most effective ways and if you perform it correctly, it will greatly benefit you. You will see a drastic (and favorable) change with your wrinkles, eye bags, and saggy cheeks. There a couple of exercises that you can do, watch the video below for further help!

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.