Meet 36-year-old Carrie Hilton, the world's hottest grandma

Meet 36-year-old Carrie Hilton, the world's hottest grandma
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A 36-year-old kickboxing enthusiast who just became a grandma is looking to usurp the throne of the "world's hottest grandmother" from an Australian woman who was recently crowned with the honor on social media.

47-year-old Gina Stewart made it to the final of Maxim's Finest Australia contest earlier this year and immediately rose to fame on the internet. According to, the said competition featured 18-year-old models, against whom Stewart would have to contest. 

In a conversation with Daily Mail Australia last year, the 47-year-old claimed that she hadn't had any cosmetic work done on herself aside from getting her breasts enhanced over 11 years ago.

While Stewart lost out on the title of Miss Maxim Australia in a close race, she unofficially gained the title of "world's hottest grandma" from her fans on the internet. She reportedly has an 11-month-old grandchild.

That being said, old gives way to new, and so UK resident Carrie Hilton told Daily Mail that she believes it's time the Australian gave up her crown, as she reportedly became a grandmother at a relatively tender age of 35 years.

"She (Stewart) looks good for her age, I admit, I'm doubtful that she's not had any work done, in terms of Botox and quite a few beauty treatments," the Englishwoman told Mail Online.

"I was dubbed 'Britain's most glamorous granny' in January and then the 'worlds hottest granny' by various media outlets around the world shortly after (Clarice gave birth). I'm the hottest granny, there is no competition here."

In a conversation with Daily Mail, Hilton asserts that Stewart has undergone additional cosmetic procedures with Botox that go beyond her breasts.


However, she admits to having spent over $17,000 on altering procedures herself, such as teeth bonding, breast implants, hair extensions, brows and lashes, and Botox to ensure she maintains her youthful appearance.

Hilton has earned six silver medals in international kickboxing competitions - a sport that she indulges in as a hobby as well as a way to keep herself fit. Professionally, however, she works as a media manager.

"When shop assistants and people at the gym hear Clarice saying 'Mum' they ask her to repeat herself. Then I tell them I'm a nanny and they go: 'No way!'" Hilton told The Sun earlier this year. 

"I've always been fit and active. I don't go out much, all I do is work and train, so I haven't used the fact I'm a grandma to fend off any young men. I've had lots of messages from admirers. Most of them asking for dates or sex. I've even had some people asking to marry me."

That being said, Stewart is unperturbed by Hilton's offensive, and says she in fact, welcomes the challenge.


"I've never claimed the title of 'world's hottest grandmother' it was given to me by the world press and fans all over the world," Stewart said. "Carrie Hilton is gorgeous and so is every other woman out there. Carrie is welcome to the title but she will have to fight for it!"

Stewart said that looking back, her decision to get breast implants was a result of low confidence and being bullied as a child and she regrets it. "I grew up self-hating from bullying at school and listening to people's judgment on the way I should look," Stewart said.

"I went under the knife 11 years ago for breast augmentation and I regret it. 

"Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have had that surgery as it made no difference to my confidence. I was still judged on my breast size.

"I have had no other procedures and I will try to encourage other women that we are beautiful without all this modern medicine that’s filled with chemicals that we are putting into our perfectly healthy bodies."


Previously, the 47-year-old had said that she does not enjoy all the attention that comes with the crown, asserting she had only taken part in the Maxim contest in order to raise money for a friend who was gravely sick.

"I entered Maxims competition in the hope of winning the prize money for my friend Jodi who recently suffered a stroke. Somehow word got out about my age... (and) it started a whole new story."

Last year, Stewart, who is an advocate for "aging gracefully", revealed her beauty secrets and how she takes care of her skin.

"I drink alkaline water only, it's got lots of minerals in it as well. Rosehip oil is also my secret weapon, I swear by it, it is anti-aging," she said.

On the Instagram front, the Australian beauty is leading with more than 75,000 followers, whereas Hilton, the contender for the crown, has still just a little over 12,000 followers. 

"I think everyone is beautiful. I'm not doing this for attention as I hate it. I'm just trying to make a difference to inspire women not to rip each other apart," Stewart said.


"Life is too short for judgment. Embrace your age and your curves, it never killed anyone."

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