Who is Choi Ji Woo's husband? Actress' private info leaked as revenge over Han Ye-seul row

A video was released threatening to expose sensitive information about Choi Ji Woo as revenge for her involvement in Han Ye-seul's relationship

                            Who is Choi Ji Woo's husband? Actress' private info leaked as revenge over Han Ye-seul row
Choi Ji Woo was threatened in a video (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Choi Ji Woo, the famous South Korean actress deemed for her brilliant roles in 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Twenty Again', was recently 'threatened' to be exposed in a video. A video titled 'Han Ye Seul is absolutely a NO' by Garo Sero Institute mentioned the YG Entertainment actress along with the controversy surrounding actress Han Ye Seul and her beau.

For the unversed, K-drama actress Han Ye Seul has been at the center of all gossip regarding her reported relationship with theater actor Ryu Sung-jae, who is 10 years younger than 'Birth of a Beauty' star. After Han Ye Seul, Ji Woo also got embroiled in the controversy where Garo Sero Institute revealed private information about Ji Woo's non-celebrity husband.


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Who is Choi Ji Woo's husband?

After Garo Sero Institute threatened to expose the 'Winter Sonata' star, the actress' label YG Entertainment stepped up to clear any confusion. The entertainment mogul noted in a statement, "Choi Ji Woo's husband is nine years younger than her and is currently the CEO of the application platform 'O2O (online to offline)'. The reason why she never revealed her husband is that she thought it might cause unnecessary biases to be formed against the company."

As non-celebrity partners of popular stars often face difficulty in continuing their day-to-day activities, the couple decided to keep their private life away from the limelight, the statement added. "Both of them made the decision to avoid the possibility of burdening each other. Choi Ji Woo and her husband are currently focused on their family, while spending a good time as recent weds. Please understand Choi Ji Woo's deeper intentions, and we sincerely request that you refrain from bringing up groundless speculations," YG concluded. 


Choi Ji Woo's private information leaked in a 'threat' video (@choijivvoo Instagram)

Why was Choi Ji Woo threatened?

The Garo Sero Institute video claims that Ji Woo was one of the actresses who had introduced Han Ye Seul to her current partner. The host of the video named Kim Yong Ho exposed some personal information that has not been available to the 'public' so far in an angry response to the fact that the actress might have been one of the people who acted as a matchmaker for Han Ye Seul's current relationship. Yong Ho showed a picture of Ji Woo's husband saying, "Look at his aura. Isn't he really cool? But nobody knows that the company belongs to Choi Ji Woo's husband. He even completely changed his name." It hasn't been confirmed if the picture leaked in the video actually belonged to Ji Woo's partner.

Previously, the same reporter of Garo Sero Institute claimed that Han Ye Seul 'did drugs' in Burning Sun, a YouTube news channel reported. The actress shut down the rumors after coming to an IG Live. Watch more of it here.

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