K-drama 'Mine' Episode 8: Ha-joon mourns at a funeral, is it his birth mother Hye-jin's or Hee-soo's?

'Mine' Episode 8 leaves us hanging on multiple aspects including that of whose funeral Ha-joon is attending

                            K-drama 'Mine' Episode 8: Ha-joon mourns at a funeral, is it his birth mother Hye-jin's or Hee-soo's?
A still of Lee Bo-young as Hee-soo and Lee Hyun-wook as Ji-yong in 'Mine' episode 8. (tvN)

In 'Mine' Episode 8, Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) starts by telling her co-sister Seo-hyun (Kim Seo-hyung) that she is going to leave Hyowon and family no matter what. In a victorious moment for the show, it seems Hee-soo gets complete and undeterred support from Seo-hyun. While we do not know if this will last, we know that Seo-hyun is coming from is a good place. After her miscarriage, Hee-soo has lost her faith in her relationship with her husband Ji-yong (Lee Hyun-wook), but if she wants to move out of the house with Ha-joon, she will have to come up with a plan. 

This plan will require all the help that she can get. While Hee-soo is struggling with the loss of her child, Ji-yong is trying his best to get the position of Chairman of Hyowon. While at the moment, he is only fighting against Jin-ho, his half-brother, the actual enemy that he would have to fight is Seo-hyun. The more we see Ji-yong's character unravel, the worse he is. He has no empathy, no love and no bond except one with his children. All of which is indicates that he could very well be a psychopath.


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Ji-yong also tries to put the entire blame on his stepmother and ensures that people in the house are able to hear every word he says. He claims that it was his mother who had claimed that Hye-jin aka fake tutor Ja-kyeong was dead. He wants to slide out of another of the many crimes that he committed against Hee-soo. 

Hee-soo, on the other hand, finds herself understanding and being understood by a person that she would have never guessed -- Hye-jin. Hye-jin understands what it really means to lose a child and as she watches Hee-soo she sees her own struggle being reflected. Hee-soo also uses her downtime after miscarriage at her mother's home to come up with a plan. She uses her talent as an actor to return to Rubato and not be disgusted with her proximity to Ji-yong. 

She wants to ensure that there is a safe way out for herself and Ha-joon so she pulls out all the stops. She wants to wait and find the right opportunity to reveal the truth and in this attempt, she seems to have all the help required from both Ha-joon's birth mother and Seo-hyun. We are guessing that whatever Hye-jin plans on doing after arriving at Cadenza is something that she has also spoken about with both Seo-hyun and Hee-soo. 

The episode also leaves us hanging about the chairman's will and also how the three women have decided to face each other -- all of this is clearly an act that the three of them are staging together. Now, which one of them died is a question that one of the scenes in this episode answers. There is a scene that Mother Emma recalls of Ha-joon in tears and he is seen wearing the necklace that his birth mother had given him. However, if either Hee-soo or Hye-jin had died, he would have had the mourner's band tied around his arm. So, maybe it is neither of them. We cannot wait to find out who the woman lying in the pool of blood is. 

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