Who is Seo In-guk dating? 'Doom At Your Service' star wants a 'good person', prefers intelligence over beauty

Who is Seo In-guk dating? 'Doom At Your Service' star wants a 'good person', prefers intelligence over beauty
Seo In-guk as Myul Mang in 'Doom At Your Service' (tvN Instagram)

'Doom At Your Service' heartthrob Seo In-guk is in the headlines after the ongoing tvN fantasy rom-com K-drama exploded in popularity. The broody and mysterious Myul-mang, with a hidden gem of a heart, falling deeper for his on-screen lover Dong-kyung (played by Park Bo Young) has made fans go bonkers.

Social media chatters show an increasing amount of interest in K-pop singer-turned-actor's life. In 2021, we have come to know Seo In-guk's thoughts on marriage, life in his thirties, and more importantly, whether the 'Reply 1997' star is seeing someone currently. Seo In-guk, known to have a quiet and sweet demeanor (unlike Myul Mang who is quite moody), shared in a recent interview that his incessant will to work and not rest comes from his inspiration - his mother.

Speaking on his personal life, Seo In-guk in a press conference for his upcoming movie 'Pipeline' gushed, "After I debuted, I told my mom to stop doing that work, rest, and go on a trip with her friends. My mom didn't want to though, and she said her body hurts if she rests from work. She also said she enjoys meeting new people, so I told her to do as she liked," adding, "I have my mother's blood. I'm the same way if I rest from work. I want to continue working", allkpop reported.


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Who is Seo In-guk dating?

Seo In-guk's last official relationship was with South Korean singer Park Bo-ram. Both In-guk and Bo-ram made their career from the reality show 'SuperStar K' and subsequent 'SuperStar K2'. According to reports, the two got close when Bo-ram faced a tragedy following both her parents' demise in 2010, when 'The Smile Has Left In Your Eyes' actor was there with Bo-ram through the tough time. Later in 2019, reports claimed that the couple had 'naturally' broken up. 

Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk for 'Doom At Your Service' (tvN Instagram)

Actor spills thoughts on marriage

Seo In-guk, 33, was also asked about his thoughts on marriage at the press conference for 'Pipeline', where he revealed that he is currently single. He said, "I don't have thoughts on marriage yet. I want to be a father who's like a friend." The actor added, "I'm not in a relationship right now. If I find a good person, I will." Speaking of his 'ideal' type, the singer shared in a previous interview, "I think that love has no age boundaries. I would prefer an intelligent woman over a pretty one as my ideal type."


Seo In-guk will be seen twice a week in 'Doom at Your Service' till June 29, 2021. Catch the show on tvN at 9 pm KST on Monday and Tuesday. Or watch it later on Rakuten Viki

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