Was Han Ye-seul's boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae an escort? K-drama fans slam media for meddling: 'Leave them alone'

South Korean media fanned the rumors again by talking to people who knew about his alleged profession

                            Was Han Ye-seul's boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae an escort? K-drama fans slam media for meddling: 'Leave them alone'
Actress Han Ye-seul with her boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae (Han Ye Seul Instagram)

Han Ye-seul, the South Korean actress notorious for her roles in dramas like 'Birth of a Beauty' and movies like 'Miss Gold Digger', found herself in another controversy after she was revealed to be dating theater actor Ryu Sung-jae. Initially, there were rumors about the ten-year-old younger actor being a male escort which Han Ye-seul has rejected outright.

But on June 2, South Korean media Dispatch fanned the rumors again by unveiling some new tips from the people who knew about his alleged profession before he started dating the 'Couple or Trouble' actress. The media outlet wrote, "It is her free will to start dating publicly but she has to understand there are consequences. She won't be completely free from her boyfriend's victims." Fans, however, looked up on the news as an unnecessary intrusion. Recently when Momoland's Hyebin admitted she and UNB's Marco are in love,  K-pop fans found it weird. Even actor Lee Seung-gi wasn't spared when fans got to know he was dating Lee Da-in.


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Dispatch reveals shocking details from the actor's past

Ye-seul is no stranger to controversies. The 'Nonstop 4' star has found herself in the news before with asset acquisition feud, hit and run case of 2011, and more. But this time, fans believe that the attack is personal and Dispatch has 'no business' meddling into the private life of the actress. The Korean media outlet has claimed that more than two informants have come forward to talk about theater actor Sung-jae's past jobs. 

A source said that the couple had met at an unlicensed karaoke in Chengdamdong, Seoul. Another informant supplied, "He was more of an escort than a host. Escorts aim to receive continued sponsorship from a client in return", speaking of Sung-jae's past jobs. A third informant alleged, "He received financial support from many married women and divorced singles, especially met married woman multiple times. He left the store in September as he started dating Han Ye Seul." 

Han Ye Seul revealed to be dating theater actor Ryu Sung Jae (Han Ye Seul Instagram)


Fans slam Dispatch

Social media users posed a number of questions to Dispatch plus slammed them for intruding on their private life. A user asked, "They keep mentioning victims, but victims of what???" Another user said, "Ok that ain’t nobody business if sis knew and still wants to be with him that’s her choice dispatch need to mind they own god damn business!" A fan quipped, "Everyone panic. Her bf wasn't an angel and celebate before dating her. This is an atrocity of the highest order!! (cause I know people won't realise, I'm being very very sarcastic)!" "They are grown adults omg just leave them alone," said another user.












Previously, Ye-seul took to Twitter to talk more about her relationship where she said, "Thank you so much for celebrating and blessing our love. My boyfriend is 10 years younger than me, so I call him a puppy. He is cute, sweet, lovely, and above all, I'm so happy when we're together. I'll take good care of him, thank you 💕" In another instance, she urged her fans to send them the defamatory comments saying, "I'll end the day with a picture of our pretty couple instead~ Thank you for believing in me and supporting me. It's too much for me to read every single comment. I would appreciate it if you could capture the defamatory comments and forward them later when needed."

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