Who is Heather Kennedy? Florida woman, 42, arrested for skinny-dipping in stranger's pool

Kennedy was still naked in the pool when police responded to the homeowner's 911 call and she refused to leave the water

                            Who is Heather Kennedy? Florida woman, 42, arrested for skinny-dipping in stranger's pool
Heather Kennedy was arrested after she went skinny-dipping in a stranger's house (Charlotte County Police)

PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA: 'Sex/Life' on Netflix might lack a story but it's still going strong in terms of popularity which won't die down soon after Kim Kardashian West endorsed it on her stories a couple of days ago. Looks like people are garnering inspiration from a couple of scenes from the show for example the one where Billie and Cooper go skinny-dipping in a pool that didn't belong to them to spend some intimate moments. A Florida woman, Heather Kennedy, tried to pull off the same stunt solo and was busted for doing the same. 

Incidents in Florida are always tragic, outright funny, or simply shocking and will leave you scratching your heads while you sit down and think if these incidents really happened. In June, a Florida woman named Tina Kindred was caught on camera as she wrecked two restaurants. She was throwing alcohol bottles haphazardly, banging tables and windows at the eatery and flipping the tables. She was arrested at Mojo Grill after being tased by police. In May, a nearly naked Rachael Lynn Stefancich was arrested after a high-speed chase with the police. She was arrested for stealing a car and driving around recklessly. Lyndsey Kennedy who was found naked in a Florida storm drain in March was rescued from the Texas tunnel system in June after she wandered off from her rehabilitation facility. 


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Who is Heather Kennedy? 

According to her Facebook account, Kennedy is originally from Essex, Illinois. She completed her studies first at Wilmington High School and then at Joilet Junior College. Kennedy then settled in Port Charlotte, Florida where she is currently based. The 42-year-old woman's account reveals she is a widower. Commenting on her new posts is off at the moment but a couple of sick trolls have found an open post from 2017 and are shaming her for what she was arrested for. 

Kennedy had entered 69-year-old homeowner James Clark's home and entered his pool. Clark was returning home from a doctor's appointment in the afternoon on July 20 when he saw clothes scattered across his porch. Upon looking around further, he saw the nude trespasser. Kennedy, lives about two miles from Clark’s home. He called 911 immediately and when the police arrived at the Cambridge Drive Home, in Port Charlotte, Kennedy was said to be reluctant about leaving the water. She was hostile toward the officers and asked to be left alone despite several requests to get dressed and leave the pool. 

After she was clothed, the police officers went ahead to arrest her but Kennedy resisted and pulled away. She struggled for a bit as police tried to handcuff her and told them she wasn't going to run away. Kennedy continues to remain at the Charlotte County jail on charges of trespassing in structure or conveyance. She is also charged for resisting officer without violence.

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