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Naked California woman sandwiched between 2 buildings rescued in BIZARRE op

Woman trapped in a tight space in Santa Ana led to a two-hour rescue operation, 'not sure how she got there' says fire captain
UPDATED JUL 15, 2021
Orange County Fire Authority crew attempting to rescue the stuck woman (OCFA/Twitter)
Orange County Fire Authority crew attempting to rescue the stuck woman (OCFA/Twitter)

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Firefighters often have tough jobs, especially in California where wildfires frequently spiral out of control. However, the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) was involved in a rather strange incident on July 14, having to rescue a naked woman from in between two buildings in the city of Santa Ana. It took nearly two hours, but the woman is finally free, in one of the most bizarre incidents this month.

The rescue mission is hardly the first time firefighters have been called in to help with odd situations. In June 2021, fire chiefs in the UK have slammed a TikTok trend that resulted in teens getting stuck in baby swings. "We have better things to be doing than cutting teenagers out of swings," one firefighter told The Sun. However, it's not all been light-hearted news. In September 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom was slammed for reforming the inmate firefighting program, allowing inmates to become professionals once they are released. Covid-19 too has taken a massive toll, but despite the risks, many remain wary of the vaccine


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While social media users saw the funny side of the story, for firefighters in Santa Ana, the rescue of the woman was no laughing matter. They were involved in a two-hour-long operation, that required them to cut out the wall to rescue the woman. We don't know her name, but we do have some information about the situation.

OCFA crews cut out a wall to rescue the stuck woman (OCFA/Twitter)

'Situation uncommon'

At 2.05 pm, rescue teams were dispatched to North Harbour Boulevard after reports emerged that a woman was stuck between two commercial buildings. According to CBS Los Angeles, workers from the nearby establishment heard cries for help for around 20 to 30 minutes but were unable to pinpoint where they were coming from. According to Orange County Fire Authority Captain Thanh Nguyen, a nearby auto shop was the reason.

Nguyen said that the show was extremely loud, making it hard for workers and rescuers to hear her voice and locate her. Eventually, though, they managed to identify that the individual was stuck in the narrow gap between the two buildings. The gap is no more than a foot wide, leaving many to wonder just how the women ended up there. To make matters worse, she was stuck naked, and upside down. From the roof, police were able to spot her in the gap, leading to the fire crews being called in. 


 "Right now it's a mystery to all of us," Nguyen told KTLA5 about how the woman ended up getting stuck in the gap. It took two hours for the crew to rescue the woman. First, they drilled the wall near her and inserted a camera to check on her condition. They then removed the wall around her, allowing them to access the woman and pull her out safely. Nguyen did confirm that while the situation was uncommon, it was something "we train for regularly". 

It's unclear if she was injured, or mentally impaired in any way. Nguyen did confirm that the woman was awake and communicating with rescuers, but did not know if there were any health conditions. Around 4.30 pm, she was finally pulled out and assessed by paramedics. Further details have not been made available at this time. 

'Walk of shame gone wrong'

News of the rescue operation quickly spread on social media, leaving many users clueless and shocked. "How the hell did she get there in the first place. Naked for that matter ?" one person asked. Another commented, "and I thought someone being locked in their own vehicle was odd. This is even more mind boggling." Another commented, "So many questions about her choices in life. WTF?"




One person commented on the story, 'Walk of shame gone wrong." Another joked, "Who among us hasn’t found ourselves in this situation?" One person tweeted, "She had a plan! Meet firemen." Another said, "Just when you think you’ve heard it all..."





It's unclear if the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment, and what her current status is. If you were wondering how she got there, that part of the story still remains a mystery. OCFA officials did not know, and the Santa Ana Police Department has so far not commented on the matter. When we do know, we will update this story.