Who is Gabriel Everett? Katie Thurston's 'The Bachelorette' suitor is a hot model and photographer

Gabriel Everett, a hot model from Charlotte, North Carolina, is about to steal hearts with his smoldering looks on 'The Bachelorette'

                            Who is Gabriel Everett? Katie Thurston's 'The Bachelorette' suitor is a hot model and photographer
Gabriel Everett is one of the suitors on Katie Thurston's season of 'The Bachelorette' (ABC)

Katie Thurston is ready to do a double-take to find love on national television as she starts her 'The Bachelorette' journey on Monday, June 7. Thurston's top 4 men have already been 'revealed' by Reality Steve. The lineup includes Greg Grippo, David Scott, Blake Moynes, and a yet-to-be-named suitor. These four have definitely made a mark on Thurston which explains why they've made it to the top. But there are a couple of other suitors who might not have been that impactful for 'The Bachelorette' but 'Bachelor Nation' fans are definitely going to love them. 

One of these people, we are sure, is going to be Gabriel Everett. He is a model and even though Landon Goesling from this season might be nicknamed 'sunshine', Everett is one of the best-looking suitors. Everett's Instagram page is aesthetically pleasing and filled with stunning photos of himself and the models he works with during his photography assignments. Here's all the information you might want to know about him. 


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Who is Gabriel Everett?

This model, 35, from Charlotte, North Carolina, loves the expression 'Renaissance man' and it is his belief that it describes him well. Everett is a man of many passions and interests and he prides himself on being invested in diverse pursuits. His bio on ABC states, that he is very enthusiastic about his current passion project and that is finding a forever kind of love with Katie Thurston

Everett's bio reveals that his best qualities are that he is introspective, creative and confident. He is very much in touch with how he feels and is not afraid to share them. Everett's hope from his 'The Bachelorette' journey was to find a partner, in this case, Katie, with whom he wished to evolve through life. Everett's bio states that he loves a woman who is as stimulated by intelligent conversations as he is and who truly knows herself inside and out.

Thurston had proved she was all this and a lot more when she appeared on Matt James' season of 'The Bachelor' earlier this year as a suitress, maybe that could've been one of the reasons Everett signed up for the show. In his perfect world, Everett in his bio said that he and his future wife "will grow together and never stop unpeeling each other's layers." Everett couldn't make it to the Top 4 and he definitely didn't end up with Thurston on this season but we're excited to see how his personality unfolds on screen. Let us know in the comments if you are as excited as we are!


'The Bachelorette' Season 17 premieres on Monday, June 7, at 8 pm ET on ABC.