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'The Bachelorette': Clare ogles her half-naked suitors during Strip Dodgeball, fans cry 'sexual harassment'

Strip Dodgeball did more than just raise eyebrows. Fans said the show would have been boycotted by now had it been a man asking his female suitors to strip
UPDATED OCT 21, 2020

A number of attempts to titillate 'The Bachelorette' audiences were made on Tuesday (Oct 20) episode of the show. Clare Crawley and her suitors had just begun the actual dating and a lot of activities happened in the episode. This included a blindfolded Clare feeling up a group of men, running her hands up and down their body, and smelling them to identify who the person in her arms was.

She was seen having a lot of fun with it even making comments that she thoroughly enjoyed it after months of not having any physical contact of these sorts with anyone due to Covid-19. A lot of audiences also called her horny for making such comments but that was not the end of it. Later on in the episode, all her suitors were required to engage in a game of dodgeball but this game came with its own twist. Titled ‘Clare’s extreme dodgeball bash’, the men had to make sure they won because at the winning end was a chance to go on a date with Clare who was about to watch this game from a distance. The losers had a lot to lose, including all their clothes and make the walk of shame back to their rooms. 

Clare did watch all of this happen with a lot of fervor however, a huge section of the audience is calling her out as well as the network for having an activity of this sort on the show in the first place. They are all wondering what would happen if a male suitor would have asked his women to take off all their clothes while he ogled at them from a distance and are calling for a boycott of the show for these double standards. "If anyone on this show asked FEMALE contestants to do this, the nation would boycott this sh*t. Such a disgusting double standard. #TheBachelorette" wrote a fan.

"Still cringing at the whole naked walk of shame on #TheBachelorette Would it have been ok with anyone if this happened to the women on @BachelorABC? Such a double standard" wrote another. "How can Claire demand so much respect and have the guys strip on the dodgeball date. Such a double standard. Demand self-respect but don’t give self-respect. Worst bachelorette yet.#TheBachelorette," read another tweet. "Forcing the guys to play strip dodgeball for a chance at date then making the losers walk home naked is sexual harassment... #TheBachelorette," wrote another. "@BacheloretteABC @chrisbharrison If this was #TheBachelor and he made the women strip down to bras and panties, this show would be off the air tomorrow. Why the double standard ???#TheBachelorette," wrote another fan.





Yosef Aborady, one of Clare's suitors, refused to participate in the stripping and called it 'classless' saying he would never do so because he has a young daughter at home. He's already had some trouble on the show in the first episode with eliminated contestant Tyler C. He's also going to stir things up by calling Clare the 'oldest Bachelorette' in next week's episode. However, fans are lauding him for standing up for himself and choosing to not engage. "Also can we applaud Yosef for not wanting to strip because he has a daughter? If the bachelor asked all the girls to remove their clothes, WE BEST KNOW A RIOT/ BACH BOYCOTT WOULD BE HAPPENING. Stop staying silent when it doesn’t apply to you #TheBachelorette," wrote a fan. "I understand that Yosef didn’t express himself too kindly, but it’s weird that production chose to make him the villain when he’s clearly the only one speaking the truth. #TheBachelorette" wrote another. "Yosef is a douche obviously but he’s not wrong lol #TheBachelorette," read another tweet. 




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