Is Katie Thurston the next Bachelorette? Here's why ‘The Bachelor’ star might get eliminated after a ‘fun’ date

Katie had Bachelor Nation fans enraptured from the time she entered the competition, vibrator in hand. Everyone wanted her to be cast as the next Bachelorette and it seems like that is finally happening.

                            Is Katie Thurston the next Bachelorette? Here's why ‘The Bachelor’ star might get eliminated after a ‘fun’ date
Katie Thurston and Matt James from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

This story contains major spoilers about 'The Bachelor' and the upcoming season of 'The Bachelorette'.

Bachelor Nation fans, rejoice! There's finally some great news that will break the monotony of all the bickering and bullying that happened over the past couple of episodes of 'The Bachelor'. Led by the franchise's first Black Bachelor, the season started off with quite an impressive lineup of women contending for his heart. Barring a few exceptions — *cough* Victoria Larson, Anna Redman, MJ, Jessenia *cough* — every single woman has a distinctive personality that makes them likable.

One of them is Katie Thurston — who entered the show toting a vibrator and was the first one who made Matt James belly laugh, quite effortlessly. Set to make an impact, she didn't care about the judgment that could follow after she wore her "sex-positive" heart on her sleeve. 

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With each episode, her graph only soared up. Even as other contestants spent time trying to pull each other down and engage in the "hazing process", Katie kept making all the right moves. Instead of being a snitch or carriers of image-shattering rumors, Katie decided to speak up for the ones who were at the receiving end of unacceptable behavior. 

Katie Thurston and Matt James from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)


Remember that time when the rest of the house was against G-Eazy's rumored girlfriend Sarah Trott? Katie was the only one who decided not to be a part of this cancel culture. She did have her differences with Sarah but she chose to forgive all grievances and had a heart-to-heart with her. They both bonded over their fathers, and Katie assured Sarah that she's making the right decision by quitting the show to spend time with her father. 

She also stood up for Brittany Galvin when Anna Redman started rumors that she was an escort in Chicago and entertained men for money. Katie spilled out her funny and entertaining persona over the weeks and convinced fans that she has a very big heart. Thanks to all these qualities, Bachelor Nation fans were quick to request that she be declared as the winner of the season and if not that, they wanted her to be cast as the next Bachelorette. Turns out all these requests are finally coming to fruition. 

Katie Thurston and Matt James from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)


Will Katie Thurston be announced as the Bachelorette for Season 17?

According to Bachelor insider and reality TV blogger Stephen Carbone — best known as Reality Steve — Katie has indeed been cast for the position of the next Bachelorette. On February 6, Steve confirmed this via a tweet that read, "(SPOILER): At the “Women Tell All” taping this past Thursday, Katie Thurston was announced as the next “Bachelorette.” Katie gets eliminated on Monday’s episode during her 1-on-1 with Matt."


So, is Katie Thurston really getting eliminated?

In the latest episode, Katie Thurston finally finds herself on a one-on-one date with Matt James. She had been very serious to score the date from the beginning. The reason she didn't want Sarah to leave initially is because if she really had to be the one walking into the sunset with Matt, she needed the assurance that he was not hung up on someone else... especially, Sarah, in this case. Katie is super fun and the date that she had with Matt, according to PEOPLE, was designed keeping in terms with her humor.

Matt's best friend Tyler Cameron will be seen making an appearance on Monday night's episode that will be shot at a spa where he'll be getting a massage. Katie and Matt will be seen whispering strange instructions to the masseuse — good ol' 'PUNK'D' style. Going by the spoilers, Matt realizes he can have a lot of fun with Katie but more like a friend. Realizing they are not meant to be romantic partners, he sends her home with a lot of love and respect at the end of their one-on-one date. 

Katie Thurston and Matt James from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)


How did Katie Thurston react to news of her being the Bachelorette was leaked?

Katie didn't play around with her words. She didn't resort to ambiguity while responding to the news about her being cast as the next Bachelorette but was very clear with her statement. "Reading my text this morning like," the 30-year-old star began her caption, adding a shrug emoji. "News to me," she wrote, according to E! News. 

Whether Katie is the next Bachelorette or not, she didn't just make her presence felt but has forever made a place for herself in the hearts of the millions of people who watch the franchise. The audience might still have to officially wait to see whether Katie truly is the Bachelorette or not, but it won't be a long one as 'The Bachelor' Season 25 is inching closer to the finishing point. Until then, hold tight Bach Nation!

Katie Thurston and Matt James from 'The Bachelor' (ABC)


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