Who are the K-pop idols roped in by NBA? BTS' Suga joins Golden State Warriors' Dub Nation

Who are the K-pop idols roped in by NBA? BTS' Suga joins Golden State Warriors' Dub Nation
BTS' Suga gets a customized jersey (@BTS_twt/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The opening of the NBA preseason is going to be pretty star-studded as we have BTS' Suga joining Dub Nation and cheering for the Golden State Warriors in Japan. ARMY were pretty shocked on September 27 when we first got long-haired Suga and the fact that he was flying solo to Japan. Many wondered if it was for his solo album or a photoshoot. The K-pop star then shared a photo of him holding a customised jersey of the basketball team Golden State Warriors which answered a lot of questions.

The NBA preseason opening match will take place between Golden State Warriors and the Washington Wizards in Japan. The first match will take place on September 30. It is a pretty important event for Dub Nation as this is the first time the Warriors will be playing overseas following their 2017 preseason game in China. With player Steph Curry sharing that he will see Suga soon and adding a plane emoji, fans think that the BTS member will be attending the Japan matches. 


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BTS' Suga the latest K-pop star to join Dub Nation

Multifans love the interactions between the NBA and K-pop idols as previously we had GOT7's Bambam becoming the first official ambassador for the Golden State Warriors and releasing the first single under their new music label. He also became the first K-pop act to perform at an NBA halftime show. Before him, we had NCT's Chenle and Mark appearing as special guests at the Dub Hub in 2021. Chenle was yet another successful fanboy as Steph Curry sent him a signed jersey and followed him on social media.

Well, Steph Curry also welcomed the newest addition to Dub Nation. He gave a shoutout to the BTS star as he tweeted, "Love the jersey SUGA!! See you soon." The Warriors and the NBA also hyped up the interaction. Curry and the official account of Golden State Warriors also ended up following Suga's Instagram account.


'He did this for me'

One fan tweeted, "Yoongi is a honorary Splash Brother?! Dub Nation how we feelin'?!!!" Another ARMY commented, "YOONGI REPPING DUB NATION HE DID THIS FOR ME." One was surprised, "Omg i didn’t know there was a gsw game in japan, that’s probably why yoongi went." Another fan joked, "YOONGI GSW SHOOTING GUARD THIS SEASON." One added, "As someone who loves the gsw and stephen curry, i cant wait to see this yoongi x stephen meeting." Another was impressed at the hype, "And the great thing? If there ISN'T anything except for him being invited to the game, the level of enthusiasm the NBA, GSW, and Steph Curry are showing Yoongi is amazing."








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