Who are BLANK2Y? Keystone Entertainment’s first-ever boy group to debut in May with 9 members

Boy group BLANK2Y members have been appointed as the honorary tourism ambassadors for Jeju Island ahead of their debut on May 24

                            Who are BLANK2Y? Keystone Entertainment’s first-ever boy group to debut in May with 9 members
The upcoming boy group BLANK2Y has nine members who will debut with the mini-album 'K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up]' (@BLANK2Y_twt/Twitter)

With new K-pop groups making their debut every so often, each rookie group vies for attention to make it big in the industry. Looks like the upcoming boy group BLANK2Y have decided to do just that. The nine members of the group have already been appointed as tourism ambassadors for Jeju Island. On May 13, their label Keystone Entertainment announced that the members of BLANK2Y had been appointed as "honorary ambassadors for the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Tourism Association," days ahead of their debut.

With this new honorary title, the upcoming boy group will officially be in charge of promoting the status of Jeju Island over the next two years. The 2021 label, Keystone Entertainment, announced their first-ever boy group BLANK2Y, set to make its debut on May 24 this year with the mini-album, ‘K2Y I: Confidence [Thumbs Up]’ with the title track ‘Thumbs Up’. The boys are currently only rolling out the concept photos promoting their debut and have already bagged many new fans.


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What does BLANK2Y mean?

The label Keystone Entertainment revealed the meaning of the name behind the upcoming boy group BLANK2Y. Initially known as the Keystone Boyz, the name of the group BLANK2Y is a compound word made from ‘Blank’ and ‘Key’. The name of the group then means that the boys have "a key to open an empty space" — that they are willing to explore in their journey in K-pop. With a simplistic logo, the boy group also has the number 2 with the word Key (K2Y) which goes on to add new meaning to the journey of their group which attempts to connect artists and listeners. This goes on to show how the nine members of BLANK2Y will become a musical key connecting people to a blank space full of possibilities.


Who are BLANK2Y members?

The upcoming boy group BLANK2Y has nine members who first began as trainees under the newly formed label Keystone Entertainment. BLANK2Y is made of members DK, Louis, Donghyuk, U, Siwoo, Mikey, Youngbin, Sungjun and So Dam. DK (Kim Dokyun) is a 98-liner and the oldest member of the boy group while Louis (Kim Taewoo) is the second oldest member of the group, born in 1999. Member Donghyuk (Park Donghyuk) is also a 1999 liner who was formerly a member of the group ENOi.

The boy group has four 2001 liners with Siwoo (Park Siwoo), Japanese-born Mikey (Morisaki Daisuke), Chinese-born U (Sun Hengyu), and Youngbin (Lee Youngbin). Siwoo was a contestant on the survival show ‘Wild Idol’ while Youngbin was a part of the survival show, ‘I-Land’. Mikey was part of the Japanese survival show, ‘Produce 101 Japan’. The group also has members Sungjun (Lee Sungjun) who is a 2002-liner as well as the group's maknae. So Dam (Park Sodam), who was born in 2004, was the first member to be introduced to fans.


BLANK2Y will make its debut with the mini-album, ‘K2Y I: CONFIDENCE [Thumbs Up]' with the title track, ‘Thumbs Up,’ which will be released online at 6 pm KST (5 am ET). Watch the trailers here.


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