EXCLUSIVE | YOUNITE gets candid about debut album, making new music as idols, and more

All nine members of YOUNITE talk about their grand debut with 'YOUNI-BIRTH' as well as their transition from trainees to K-pop idols in an exclusive interview with MEAWW

                            EXCLUSIVE | YOUNITE gets candid about debut album, making new music as idols, and more
Members of BRANDNEWMUSIC's new boy group YOUNITE open up about the group's journey since debut (@YOUNITE_offcl/Twitter)

BRANDNEWMUSIC's new boy group YOUNITE made their debut on April 20 and all nine members of the rookie boy group have been promoting their first mini-album 'YOUNI-BIRTH' with two title tracks, '1 of 9' and 'EVERYBODY'. The members of YOUNITE have been getting a lot of love from their fans for the last few months ahead of their debut when the members were publicly announced for the first time. Since then, the boy group had been releasing new content for YOUNIZ (their fans) to enjoy aside from their album. 

With the group still promoting their lead single titled '1 of 9' on various shows, the song has become really popular among fans. The single gives off the members' boyish charm with a cute, refreshing, and addictive chorus. The second title track of the album titled 'EVERYBODY' is also special for fans because the single talks about YOUNITE members escaping their busy daily lives in a complicated world and enjoying the present moments of their journey. In an exclusive interview, YOUNITE members talked to MEAWW about what their debut felt like and the process of making new music as a new and coming boy group.


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YOUNITE debuted with their first EP titled 'YOUNI-BIRTH' (@YOUNITE_offcl/Twitter)


MEAWW: Congratulations on your successful debut with the EP 'YOUNI-BIRTH'. Despite it being only a few days since your debut, your mini-album is being loved by a lot of your fans. This must be very exhilarating for you!

YOUNITE appears to be a wordplay between the words ‘You’ and ‘Unite’ while also meaning a union of You and I (that is fans and members of the group). What does the name of the group mean to you?

EUNSANG: It feels very special because the name itself claims our wish to be with YOUNIZ, our fans. We actually feel like we’re always with our fans on every scheduled activity with this name!

MEAWW: What were your first impressions when you first heard your title track '1 of 9'?

KYUNGMUN: I thought the song was very fresh, and I really liked the melody. After listening to the track once, it got stuck in my head so I kept humming the melody.


MEAWW: We have to ask, Eunsang, Dey, and Kyungmun have all been a part of survival shows in the past. Did that experience help you during your debut?

DEY: I was on ‘High School Rapper 4’, and it was the first program I’ve appeared on as a trainee. I was very nervous, but I got to learn my weaknesses to work on from that experience. I think being on a TV program actually helped me to prepare for my debut.

KYUNGMUN: Being on ‘LOUD’ allowed me to experience performances and tasks that I’ve never experienced before as a trainee, so it was an eye-opening experience. From that experience, I could focus on preparing my performances with my personal colors for the debut.

MEAWW: Eunho, you and Eunsang are both leaders of YOUNITE but speaking personally, how do you find a balance with each other while leading your members?

EUNHO: We try to have conversations as much as possible, even though not every day, and that’s how we’re working on our balance as leaders!


EUNSANG: I think we all have different opinions, but a key to balance is to accept different opinions. We consider and discuss several choices for each situation, and I think that’s greatly helping us two, and ultimately YOUNITE.

MEAWW: Eunsang, you already debuted in the past and have singles like ‘Beautiful Scar’. How is YOUNITE’s title track ‘1 of 9’ different from any songs you have worked on in the past?

EUNSANG: I realized that our members’ voices are very distinct and interesting to listen to while recording our debut album. For my previous solo tracks, I had to think a lot about the composition of each song, because I had to fill them with my voice only for 3~4 minutes. All members thought a lot about their individual parts, and I think such process and effort completed great tracks.


MEAWW: Steve, you must be fluent in English since you’re from LA. Are there any fun TMIs where any member asked you for help in English?

STEVE: I speak Korean more than English when I’m with the members, but I’m glad to be able to help them in international interviews during this promotion! I sometimes had small miscommunications with members because we used English words with different meanings.


MEAWW: What would you say is the best part or the highlight in the choreography of ‘1 of 9’?

HYUNSEUNG: My favorite part is actually my part where Eunho and Dey help me fly as part of the choreography, and I always feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride during that part.

SION: My favorite part is "Yeah, please tell me, love" because each member shows different hearts and acts so cute!

MEAWW: The single ‘1 of 9’ and its music video have been very colorful. Being rappers, what other genres are you keen on trying in the future?

HYUNGSEOK: I personally love the band-based sound, so that’s a type of song I want to try in the future.


DEY: I also want to try a track with the band-based sound with Hyungseok.

MEAWW: Woono, you have been called part of the “cutie” line due to your visuals by YOUNIZ (fans of YOUNITE), how do you feel about the title?

WOONO: I appreciate them calling me a cutie, but I actually want to be called ‘handsome’!


MEAWW: Dey, it is only your debut and fans were able to see you in a blonde mullet which they loved. What other hairstyles and concepts would you like to try in the future?

DEY: I want to try having lines in my hair, like the ones of a white tiger.

MEAWW: Kyungmun, out of all six tracks on the album 'YOUNI-BIRTH', which song do you personally enjoy performing?

KYUNGMUN: I think it’s '1 of 9' because the song is so fun and fresh. It’s really easy to get into and enjoy the song.

MEAWW: Sion, being YOUNITE’s maknae, what is one privilege you feel that you have over the other members?

SION: I think my privilege is that I can go to any member anytime I want! They always accept me and hang out with me without asking anything.


MEAWW: The music video for ‘1 of 9’ is so cool. Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories while filming for it?

HYUNGSEOK: I actually was surprised by a hidden camera while shooting the '1 of 9' music video! I fell asleep for a while during break time since the shooting lasted until late at night. Members soon woke me up and said the shooting was finished, so I got up to change clothes and headed back to the dorm. That’s when everyone started laughing and I realized the shooting was still happening and they played a hidden camera prank on me.


MEAWW: The album 'YOUNI-BIRTH' has double title tracks with ‘1 of 9’ and ‘EVERYBODY’, how do you feel about the second title track of the album?

DEY: 'EVERYBODY' shows our free and hip side, and '1 of 9' shows our fresh and bubbly visuals. We wanted to show our various charms, so we chose those two songs as double title tracks.


MEAWW: How do you feel about the love you have been receiving from YOUNIZ from all over the world? How has their support helped you during your debut?

EUNSANG: We’re always motivated by their support. They even showed constant love and support for us before the debut, and it really helped us to work hard for our debut.

MEAWW: What is your message for YOUNIZ who are enjoying your debut album at present?

EUNHO: We’ll continue working hard to show amazing performances and activities because we have prepared very hard as YOUNITE. Please look forward to YOUNITE’s future!

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