What is Les Garcons Perdus? Fans excited for Wonderwall Artlab's second collab with Ateez

Atinys are opening up their Peter Pan storybooks as they analyze Wonderwall Artlab’s new project titled The Lost Boys featuring Ateez members

                            What is Les Garcons Perdus? Fans excited for Wonderwall Artlab's second collab with Ateez
Ateez members' second collab with online platform Wonderwall Artlab will drop on May 16 (@ATEEZofficial, and @WdwlArtlab/Twitter)

A new collab is on the way and Atinys (fans of Ateez) are waiting to get their hands on San or Yunho’s black credit cards. Back in 2021, Ateez collaborated with the online platform Wonderwall Artlab via which they released unseen content for fans. The platform focuses on teaching fans the know-how of artists with the motto "Art changes the World". Among many other artists, Ateez first collaborated with the platform back in May 2021 when the boy group released behind-the-scenes stories that had never been seen before.

Back when Ateez first collaborated with the platform, member Mingi was not included in the project as he was on a hiatus due to his mental health-related issues. Since the platform first introduced its upcoming collab with Ateez, fans have been expecting something featuring the boys. Wonderwall Artlab first revealed a teaser with four empty chairs. Each chair had an inscription on it that read, ‘8 M 1 T’ which fans immediately linked to the KQ Entertainment boy group who goes by the catchphrase ‘8 makes 1 team’.


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Ateez collaborate with Wonderwall Artlabs for ‘Les Garcons Perdus’

As soon as the initial teaser was released, fans of Ateez were quick to draw conclusions and began hoping that this time around that rapper Mingi would be included in the upcoming collaboration. On May 11, Wonderwall Artlab released a set of photos that featured four out of eight Ateez members with the caption "Who are they?". Fans were quick to reveal that the four teasers featured Ateez’s leader, Hongjoong, vocalist Seonghwa, maknae Jongho as well as rapper Mingi.

The teasers also revealed the title of the project which is the French phrase ‘Les Garcons Perdus’ which translates to The Lost Boys. The Lost Boys are characters from JM Barrie's 1904 play Peter Pan, who fall out of their prams when the nurse is looking the other way and if they are not claimed in seven days, they are sent far away to the Neverland where Peter Pan is their captain.

Ateez members Mingi, Seonghwa, Jongho, and Hongjoong in the teaser for Wonderwall Artlab's upcoming collab (@WdwlArtlab/Twitter)


‘Who’s next? My wallet’s next!’

Fans are wondering how the Ateez members will fit into the new concept and what the boy group has in store for fans. The teaser revealed that Ateez’s collaboration with Wonderwall Artlab will drop on May 16. In their 2021 collab with Wonderwall Artlabs, Ateez released an unseen video with nine chapters in total that retraced their journey of becoming global idols from their debut up until their first world tour.

While the concept is enticing for the boy group, fans are more worried about their bank accounts as they joked about being broke. One fan said, “Guess who is broke…” One fan wondered, “Suspicious, the lost boys of Peter Pan?” One fan joked, “Gonna sell all this cellphone to buy whatever you gonna offer to us.” Another fan said, “Who's next more like goodbye my savings.” One fan said, “Glad i have san's black card.” One fan said, “Guys guys guys. It’s okay. Look. He’s offering.” Another fan said, “There goes my saving.”
















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