Who is Amara La Negra's beau Allan Mueses? 'LHHMIA' star mulls over quitting singing

Who is Amara La Negra's beau Allan Mueses? 'LHHMIA' star mulls over quitting singing
'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' star Amara La Negra and her new boyfriend Allan Mueses (VH1)

Season 3 of 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' featured Amara La Negra and her attempts at making her relationship with co-star Shay Johnson's younger brother Emjay work. Despite knowing each other for very little time, the couple began staying together at her home. Although Amara was over the moon and happy with how things were moving between Emjay and her, Amara's mother Ana Maria Oleaga wasn't happy at all. 

Ana believed that Emjay was using her to live a cushy life. Although Amara initially paid no heed to her mother's warnings, she changed her mind after one of his exes met her and confirmed that Emjay was indeed a gold-digger and cautioned her against falling into his trap. The season ended with Amara splitting up with him while Emjay continued with his attempts at wooing her back. But it looks like Amara really was done with Emjay, as she found herself a new beau. Season 4 of 'LHHMIA' will feature Amara's new man- Allan Mueses. If you're curious to know more about Allan and their relationship, and more importantly if he has managed to get Ana's approval, then read on. 


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Who is Amara La Negra's boyfriend Allan Mueses?

According to Allan's Instagram, he holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and works as a realtor. He is also the CEO of his own company called Soluciones Allan, which provides real estate, finance, and legal services to its clients. Allan is also a father of two daughters from a previous relationship.

So how did Allan and Amara cross paths? Amara reveals on the show that she met Allan while she was trying to get her foot into the real-estate business, Just like many of her music industry peers, Amara was trying to diversify her investments and zeroed in on real estate. While she was working on a property in Santo Domingo, she crossed paths with Allan, who hails from the Dominican Republic. The duo hit it off and soon found themselves in a relationship. The reality star admits that they have been together for eight months! In August 2021, the couple revealed that they were working together for building and selling luxury apartments in the Dominican Republic called Amara Residences.

So, how does Mama Ana feel all about this? Well, it looks like Mama Ana isn't onboard with Amara's new relationship either. The trailer clip of Season 4 teases some intense drama that will be going down in Amara's life. Amara is so smitten by Allan that she seriously contemplates staying back in the Dominican Republic and never returning to Miami. When her mother asks her about her career, Amara simply says "Maybe I don't want to keep singing, dancing and shaking my a**." To make things more complicated than they already are, Amara also suspects pregnancy. When she doesn't get her period, she realizes that she might be pregnant but is scared of telling her mother about it. 


Despite all the drama that's about to come our way on 'LHHMIA', it looks like Amara and Allan are still happily coupled up if their social media posts are anything to go by. 

'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' Season 4 airs every Monday at 9/8c on VH1. 

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