'Love & Hip Hop: Miami': Amara and Emjay's dramatic breakup reminds viewers of Tyler Perry's 'telenovela'

Fans are refusing to believe Amara and Emjay's breakup is real and think their breakup was purely for the show like a 'mini telenovela'

                            'Love & Hip Hop: Miami': Amara and Emjay's dramatic breakup reminds viewers of Tyler Perry's 'telenovela'
Amara La Negra and Tyler Perry (Getty Images)

'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' fans felt like they were watching a Tyler Perry movie or a telenovela when they watched the latest episode of their favorite reality show. Amara La Negra breaks up with her boyfriend Emjay in the episode, and let’s just say their breakup was like a quintessential telenovela breakup.

There were tears, yellings, and, of course, the breaking of objects to make the scene as dramatic as it can get.
Their dramatic breakup took place after Amara met one of Emjay's exes, who accused him of being a manipulative gold-digger without a job. Emjay's ex Anne points out how Emjay used her to fund his lifestyle and dumped her as soon as her money began dwindling.

She warns Amara that he might do the same to her, she also reveals his modus operandi of making himself indispensable by being a charming gentleman, and later taking advantage of it, only to disappear as soon as the finances take a hit.
Anne's words hit a nerve with Amara, and the singer goes home and confronts Emjay about it. Emjay is upset that Amara believed his ex's words over his and reluctantly agrees that he did do all those awful things to Anne 10 years ago, but defends himself by saying he did what he did to survive.

A heartbroken Amara asks him to leave and he breaks things on his way out.


 Fans began pointing out how the whole breakup scene looked like something straight out of a Tyler Perry movie or a telenovela. A fan tweeted, "Honey this Amara and Emjay scene is like a whole telenovela #LHHMIA."

Another fan shared, "Wow!! This Amara & Emjay scene looks like a Tyler Perry script!! #LHHMIA." One fan joked, "Y'all this amara and emjay scene is pure acting. Like Soap opera or Tyler Perry's acting. They even got the facial expressions down #lhh #LHHMIA."
Fans are refusing to believe that the couple broke up and think their breakup was purely for the show. A fan commented, "Look at Amara and Emjay showing us the range of their acting skills with this mini telenovela. somebody gives these wh**** an acting contract so they can stop thinking we stupid."

The viewer added, "That conversation was a bit too confusing for me to buy it. #LHHMIA.” Another amused fan wrote, "Mona Scott told Amara & EmJay she would add $.75 to their contracts if they put on a show tonight & that’s exactly what the hell they did. #LHHMIA."
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