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GOT7’s Jay B goes shirtless for Vogue Korea, K-pop fans say ‘I’m obsessed’

GOT7's Jay B recently released his digital single 'Rocking Chair' under his new label
UPDATED AUG 24, 2022
GOT7's Jay B poses for Vogue Korea's September issue (@voguekorea/Instagram)
GOT7's Jay B poses for Vogue Korea's September issue (@voguekorea/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: GOT7’s Jay B continues to be an all-rounder from being the leader of a popular K-pop group to opening his own record label for GOT7’s group and solo activities. Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) were also impressed with how he personally handed the legalities and transferred the trademarks from their old label JYPE to the GOT7 members. At the same time, he is also busy hosting radio shows and being a rookie TikToker and recently released the single ‘Rocking Chair’. And while he may seem busy, it is the fans who are unable to breathe as now Jay B has gone shirtless for his Vogue cover.

Ahgases started keeping count as GOT7 went from being inactive in JYPE to starring on 64 magazines in 2021. And it looks like they are not stopping anytime soon. Jackson Wang is set to be the cover star of Vogue Thailand in September while Jay B will be in Vogue Korea. Ahgases were first shocked when we got teasers of Jay B’s photoshoot as we got a mature and gritty concept with him sporting tattoos and red leather outfits. Well, his photoshoot and interview were released by Vogue Korea on August 24 in which he shares that he cannot separate himself from GOT7 or his solo stage name Def.  

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Jay B poses for Vogue Korea

Well, the Vogue photoshoot was as luxurious as possible from Jay B sporting outfits from Prada, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, YSL, and more. In the interview, the GOT7 star spoke about branching out into R&B and hip hop while being a K-pop idol, the difference between his albums as Jay B and Def, wise words by former CEOs JYP and Jay Park, and releasing music with GOT7 and as a soloist. And while GOT7 fans got a deep insight into Jay B as an artist, they also couldn’t help but thirst over the photos, especially of a shirtless Jay B in a bathtub covered in tattoos.

Jay B for Vogue Korea (
Jay B for Vogue Korea (

‘What was the reason’

Fans made tweets like, “HOLY MOTHER, JAY B!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Another said, “Jay b’s photoshoots in water… i’m obsessed.” They also added, “The cameraman said “pose” but jay b heard “kill these h0es” and went with it.” Another joked, “We have arrived, friends.” One Ahgase asked, “What was the reason!” One fan commented, “Jaebeom’s perfectly sculpted eyebrows are truly a work of art.” Another added, “Goodbye world . . .” One Ahgase shared, “Thank you vogue korea for the concept.”









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