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Jackson hosts Team Wang design launch party, GOT7 fans say 'fanfics becoming reality'

Thai actors and singers like NuNew, Zee, Boun, Prem Warut, James Su, Sky Wongravee, jUNEi, Baitoei, Dao and more were at the party
UPDATED JUL 21, 2022
Tytan, Brightnorr, Prem, Boun, Zee with Jackson at the party (@tytan.t, @brightnorr, @bb0un, @namesync7/Instagram, @zeenunewing/Twitter)
Tytan, Brightnorr, Prem, Boun, Zee with Jackson at the party (@tytan.t, @brightnorr, @bb0un, @namesync7/Instagram, @zeenunewing/Twitter)

As one of the biggest extroverts in the K-pop industry, even non-fans know the social butterfly Jackson Wang of GOT7. There have been hilarious videos of the idol befriending anyone and everyone from a taxi driver to an interviewer. And so, there has been an inside joke among fans as fanfic writers have always made Jackson the party host in their stories. And it looks like these fanfic parties became a reality on July 20 as he hosted a party for his latest design collection launch.

Apart from being a K-pop idol, Jackson is also a former Olympics-level fencer, C-pop idol, producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and founder of his own record and clothing label Team Wang. Well, he is currently in Thailand from headlining ‘The Match Bangkok Century Cup’ show to collaborating with Nescafe Thailand. On July 20, Jackson threw the Team Wang Design ‘MUDANCE’ launch party in Bangkok to celebrate his latest clothing collection and invited all the biggest Thai stars. Multi-fans saw a crossover as we had the hottest Thai actors like Zee Pruk, James Su, Boun Noppanut and more attend the party.

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Thai stars at Jackson’s party

It is no secret that Jackson’s group GOT7 has one of the biggest Thai fandoms in K-pop to the extent that fans had joked that his former label JYPE had lost the Thai market when they terminated their contract. Each of the members is much loved by Thai fans which also include celebrities and actors. We have had the likes of actor Joong Archen going viral for becoming a fansite of Jackson at the recent Bangkok match to Bible Summettikul dancing to his latest single ‘Blow’ at an event. Actor and singer PP Krit had even been gifted a Jackson standee at his graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, the likes of Bright Vachirawit and Mew Suppasit have been vocal about their love for him. Well, at the Team Wang Design launch party, we had more successful fanboys as Jackson invited Thai BL and drama actors, singers and models like NuNew Chawarin and his co-star Zee Pruk, co-stars Boun Noppanut and Prem Warut, James Su, Brightnorr, Tytan Teepprasan, Save Saisawat, Sky Wongravee, singer jUNEi, actress Baitoei Zuvapit, Dao Pimthong and more.


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‘Jackson Wang does throw the best parties’

GOT7 fans hilariously made tweets like, “Is that famous Jackson Wang party from wattpad fanfic.” Another posted, “F**k it! jackson wang does throw the best parties.” One fan joked, “NuNew: Why would you change your lockscreen 😤Zee: babe... It's Jackson Wang.” A NuNew fan added, “Saw a tweet that said this is Jackson Wang with Sunoo.” With one of Zee’s characters sharing the same surname as Jackson, another said, “Kilen Wang actually meeting Jackson Wang like are they cousins or something?”






One commented, “I feel like jackson wang parties are no longer wattpad scriptures but have manifested into real life.” Another shared, “Jackson Wang mega house party is canon.” One wrote, “Kpop Fanfic writers after seeing them clips of Jackson wang party.” Another fan tweeted, “All them Jackson wang ffs becoming reality.” One fan posted, “ZeeNuNew BounPrem and Jackson together is like a dream to me. Also P'June is so beautiful.” 






Another joked, “Tl looking like jackson wang kicked garam out of le sserafim for releasing the beyoncé track list.” One fan commented, “The way thai actor james su was so flustered when Jackson leaned in. the panic in his eyes.” With Brightnorr chugging Hennessy, another said, “Oh my gosh! Jackson Bright is the best, not too weak.”