Where are the cast of '1000-Lb Best Friends' now? Show's stars try hard to lead a healthy life

Where are the cast of '1000-Lb Best Friends' now? Show's stars try hard to lead a healthy life
'1000-Lb Best Friends' cast members Ashley, Tina, Meghan, and Vannessa will be back on Season 2 of the TLC show (vannessa_1kbestfriends, meghan_1000lbbestfriends, ashthebff, tina_arnold1kbf/Instagram)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: '1000-Lb Best Friends' is back and Season 2 is almost here. While dealing with physical struggles, we will see cast members also going through significant mental issues. A sneak-peak of the upcoming episode revealed Meghan Crumpler having a meltdown.

In order to support each other in every step of their life, the cast of '1000-Lb Best Friends' have the support of their best friends. Ashley Sutton is keeping the track of her healthy life and she hopes to get get the surgery done soon. On the other hand, Vanessa Cross is about to reveal her post-surgery body. Along with that, she might also talk about the hurdles she went through in order to reach the surgery stage. With four best friends all set to return to the screen, fans eagerly await knowing what they are doing these days. Keep reading to know.



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Where are '1000-Lb Best Friends' cast members now?

Vanessa Cross

Cross has succeeded in getting bariatric surgery done. We can see a significant drop in her weight on her social media. Her life spiralled out of control when her husband died in 2016. After taking charge of her life, she now spends more time with her children. She recently decorated her house and cooked food for them. These days Cross is exploring her love for making food. She uploaded a photo of her cooking crab, and said, "I want to thank the Lord above for giving me the knowledge to cook things that are good."

Vannessa Cross (Instagram/vannessa_toolarge)
Vannessa Cross has successfully completed her bariatric surgery (vannessa_toolarge/Instagram)


Meghan Crumpler

In the upcoming season, we will see Crumpler struggling with her mental health. As of now, she is feeling under the weather. She updated her fans on social media, saying, "I took this a few days before we all got sick.. we all have been under the weather here at the house. Totally sucks being sick at Christmas." And, soon after that, she shared a photo of a bunch of medicines. She is taking vitamins and hoping to make a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, she in enjoying her life with fiance Job Creager. The couple has not yet planned anything about their marriage.



Ashley Sutton

Sutton looks like she is leading a healthy life as she is finally off junk food and has started posting about her healthy diet on social media. Her weight loss is clearly visible on her social media posts. In '1000-Lb Best Friends', she plans continue her journey towards fitness with the help of regular workouts. There hasn't been any update about her dating life. She still seems to be single and in ready to mingle phase.



Tina Arnold

For Arnold, 2022 seems to have been a tough year. As per her social media, she has been continuously exercising and eating healthy food. However, there seem to be remnants of the mental trauma she suffered. Arnold never spoke openly about her struggles as a heavy woman. As of now, she has been spending her time trekking and getting some fresh air. She has been spending most of her time with her husband and children. She recently uploaded a selfie of hers with the caption, "Headed to the Ga mountains to try and blast some of this nastiness from my lungs, praying it works."



The four best friends will soon be seen together once again on Season 2 of '1000-Lb Best Friends' on January 4, 2023, at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC. 

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