When will '16 and Pregnant' Season 7 return? Here's what to expect when show returns on MTV

The network brought back the recently concluded docu-series as a reimagined limited series featuring six young teenagers and their family members. Here's when the show will return and what to expect when it does

                            When will '16 and Pregnant' Season 7 return? Here's what to expect when show returns on MTV
Kash and Nate (MTV)

'16 and Pregnant' was revived by MTV this year for Season 6 after a six-year hiatus. The network revived the docu-series as a reimagined limited series, documenting the journey of six pregnant teenage couples and their families navigating various challenges including difficult interpersonal relationships, unpreparedness for the new role, fear of the unknown, crumbling patience, the birth, and all the decisions relating to the baby after it arrives. Season 6 concluded this week featuring Kali Collette and her boyfriend Auston on the closing episode. Now the question is when will Season 7 return and what to expect from it, however, MTV has yet to divulge any details on that front. However, Season 6 was received well by audiences who waited for each episode, over the past six weeks. 

The season opened with 15-year-old Madisen Beith from the "judgy" Heber community in Arkansas. She lived with her supportive father who was branded as "the best dad ever" by the Internet as he stood behind his daughter, every step of the way during and after her pregnancy. 

The series also documented the stories of Madison "Maddie" Everheart. Her episode had the audiences fuming with rage courtesy of her mother Crystal who was branded as a "racist Karen" by fans after she went after Maddie's boyfriend calling him various names and then proceeded to spew malice about his mother as well. Then was Camryn Fields and her boyfriend Cameron's episode. The former's overbearing mother and Cameron were feuding during the episode after she declared that she would not be comfortable having the baby at Cameron's house, low-key calling his home a party home and calling his brother an alcoholic. Camryn struggled with her mother's interfering attitude as well, however, in an after-show update, she shared that her relationship with her mother is much better than it was when they shot for the episode. 

Kashmonyae "Kash" Harris and her boyfriend Nate too featured on one of the episodes and it was one of the most explosive ones from the entire season. Her boyfriend was seen trashing her windshield and overall wrecking the car but she chose not to get a restraining order against him, a decision widely criticized by fans of the show who tuned in to her episode. 

'16 and Pregnant' airs on MTV.

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