'16 and Pregnant': Maddie's mother calls Korey a low life and thief, fans brand her 'racist Karen'

'16 and Pregnant': Maddie's mother calls Korey a low life and thief, fans brand her 'racist Karen'
Maddie, Korey and Crystal (MTV)

The reimagined version of the docuseries '16 and Pregnant' aired yet another episode featuring teen mom Madison Everheart (Maddie). She and her boyfriend Korey Wiseman were expecting a daughter but things weren't easy for them given the fact that Korey was in and out of jail. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and his probation was revoked because he tested positive for using.

With no job in hand for both Korey and Maddie, they decided to move in with the latter's mother Crystal who had preset rules if they had to live under her roof. She said that she would not allow drugs in the house, both Korey and Maddie had to help with chores and that Korey needed to get a job. Getting a job was difficult for him because of his run-ins with the law, however, Crystal refused to let go off the pressure. 

Things were rough between Crystal and Korey from way before. They had some heated arguments over text messages where she called him a lowlife and a thief and she had also dragged Korey's mother into this calling her a crackhead. In retaliation, Korey hit back at Crystal about her multiple baby daddies. Crystal also spoke badly about Korey to her friend saying she didn't consider him a great role model for his unborn daughter while mentioning his multiple run-ins with the law for possession of marijuana.

After the birth of Korey and Maddie's daughter Kaezleigh Kam'ya, Crystal continued talking bad about Korey to Maddie in his absence. She told him that she could have a different life if she distanced herself from Korey. She also told Maddie that he would cheat on her, however, Maddie held her ground saying she would not tolerate her speaking about Korey like that.

Audiences watching the episode went into a frenzy as they watched this episode and a lot of them hit back at Crystal for being so negative towards Korey. "So clearly this girls mom is racist and it’s sickening to watch smh #16AndPregnant," wrote a fan. "Awww I’m rooting for Maddie and Korey, f**k her Karen a** mom #16AndPregnant," read a tweet.

"And the mother of the year goes to KAREN from #16andpregnant god I can’t even find the words this episode has me pissed!! Who wishes that on their child but more why would you wish that on your granddaughter I pray he shows her a** BLACK MEN TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN! #mtv" read another tweet. "Why is he gonna leave her because he’s black Crystal & that’s what Black guys do. Girl f**k you & heavy on the F**K YOU #16andpregnant," another fan tweeted.








'16 and Pregnant' airs Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on MTV. 

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