What day and time will 'Love to Hate You' Season 1 release? And everything else you need to know

What day and time will 'Love to Hate You' Season 1 release? And everything else you need to know
Kim Ok-bin and Teo Yoo play the main roles in Netflix's upcoming K-Drama 'Love to Hate You' (Youtube/ Netflix/ The Swoon)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Netflix is surely winning when it comes to releasing exceptional Korean dramas on its platform. From 'Crash Landing On You' to 'Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha', the Korean entertainment industry delights us with great shows every single time. Fans of Korean movies and dramas have created a universe of their own. Although the shows are longer than our usual TV shows, most will agree that they're worth it.  K-dramas are not just about romance and scenic views of South Korea, but also about a great storyline and actors playing a different character in different shows. Also, how can we forget about the soundtracks? All in all, K-dramas bring with it a proper package of everything that creates a hit show. 


Kim Jung-kwon's upcoming Netflix original series 'Love to Hate You' stars Kim Ok-bin from 'Arthdal Chronicles' and Teo Yoo from 'Vagabond' in leading roles. Here's all you need to know about the upcoming K-Drama.


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When will 'Love to Hate You' release?

The upcoming K-drama will be released on February 10.

Where can I watch 'Love to Hate You'?

Since the K-drama is not licensed by South Korean cable TV networks to air internationally, all 10 episodes will be available to stream on Netflix on the date it releases.


Who is starring in 'Love to Hate You'?

The cast consists of four actors in lead roles and two actors in supporting ones. Kim Ok-bin ('Arthdal Chronicles'), Teo Yoo ('Summer'), Kim Ji-hoon ('My Cute Guys'), and Go Won-hee ('Strongest Deliveryman') will play lead roles while Lee Joo-bin ('Doctor Lawyer') and Kim Sung-ryung ('Flower of Queen') will have supporting roles. 

What is the plot of 'Love to Hate You'?

Yeo Mi-ran (Kim Ok-bin) is an amateur attorney who is fierce, strong and does everything in her power to prove to how powerful women are. The actress is seen taking down bullies and gangsters in the trailer. On the other hand, Nam Kang-ho (Teo Yoo) is a successful actor who makes every girl swoon over him. In reality, Nam Kang-ho doesn't trust women. What happens when when Yeo Mi-Ran's law firm assigns her to work with Nam Kang-Ho forms the crux of the story. As she gets close to him to find out the "real him," drama ensues.


"For an attorney who hates losing to men and an A-list actor who doesn't trust women, love means nothing - until they're forced to date each other," the official Netflix synopsis reads.. 

What is the buzz around 'Love to Hate You' ?

The storyline of 'Love to Hate You' is different from every other Korean drama. If you like the whole enemies-to-lovers trope but with twists and turns along with the lead actress punching bad guys every now and then, then get ready for this Netflix series. For now, you can check out the trailer here.



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 What day and time will 'Love to Hate You' Season 1 release? And everything else you need to know