Weki Meki taste success as comeback album 'I am Me' rules iTunes in 18 regions

The girl group Weki Meki made a comeback with their new personal and cheery album ‘I Am Me’ which is a hit with their young fans

                            Weki Meki taste success as comeback album 'I am Me' rules iTunes in 18 regions
Weki Meki chart on iTunes in 18 regions while the music video for 'Siesta' crosses 1.6 million views on YouTube (@WekiMeki_Staff/Twitter)

After going on a year-long hiatus from making new music, the girl group, Weki Meki made their comeback with ‘I Am Me’, an album that talks about their youth, the ‘20s, and according to the members would resonate with fans. Looks like that worked well for the girls as their new album is all over iTunes as it charted in more than 18 regions while their cherry title track for the album ‘Siesta’ is being considered as a hit from fans all over the world.

Weki Meki released their fifth mini-album since debut on November 18 and according to the global music streaming platform, iTunes, ‘I Am Me’ charted on their ‘Top Album Charts’ in 18 regions as of the morning of November 19, not even 24 hours since the release of the album. Among the many countries that Weki Meki charted in, regions like Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia as well as other regions. Not just the entire album, but the title track, ‘Siesta’ also ranked seventh on the real-time chart of the domestic music site, Bugs, right after its release. The music video for ‘Siesta’ now has accumulated a total of 1.6 million views within 24 hours of its release on YouTube. The Korean album sales site, Hanteo Chart, ranked Weki Meki third in terms of its album sales after release.


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The K-pop group Weki Meki release their concept called 'Identity' revealing the girls in dreamy white outfits heralding a dreamy release (@WekiMeki/Twitter)

‘Siesta’ charms fans at music shows

Weki Meki has now made a return to music shows starting their comeback stage with KBS2 TV’s ‘Music Bank.’ Weki Meki performed Siesta for the first time on stage on the November 19 episode of the show while the song, ‘Siesta’ is a pop song the concept revolves around the feelings of the youth. With the aspirations for a bigger leap after waking up from a nap, each of the seven members of the group performed a cheery but complex dance routine which was choreographed by the dance crew, Lachika that appeared on Mnet’s dance survival show, ‘Street Woman Fighter.’


The song ‘Siesta’ is on its way to becoming a viral hit as it has been getting a good response through TikTok as fans rush to perform the ‘Siesta’ Dance challenge showing off the powerful choreography the song presents. The title track on the album ‘Siesta’ was made by composers Anna Timgren and Harold Philippon, who previously worked on hit songs such as Oh My Girls’ ‘Dun Dun Dance’ and ‘The Feels’ by the K-pop group, TWICE which is all the more reason for the song to become a viral hit in no time.

Watch Weki Meki members perform ‘Siesta’ at ‘Music Bank’ here.


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