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Billlie adds Girls Planet 999's Kim Soo-yeon to the rookie group's star power

Mystic Story's first girl group, Billlie just became a seven-member girl group with Kim Su-yeon joining the recently debuted group as their new member
Kim Su-yeon joined the recently debuted K-pop group from Mystic Story,Billlie (@Billlieofficial/Twitter; Mnet)
Kim Su-yeon joined the recently debuted K-pop group from Mystic Story,Billlie (@Billlieofficial/Twitter; Mnet)

Looks like the six-member girl group that recently made their debut with their first mini-album ‘The Billage of Perception’, Billie has a new member joining the group making them a septet. Billlie is the first girl group from the entertainment conglomerate, Mystic Story and the six original members of the group made their debut on November 10.

After only nine days since their debut, the K-pop girl group gets a new member added to their group. Kim Su-yeon was one of the many top-scoring contestants on the survival show from Mnet, Girls Planet 999's Su-yeon joined the show in August of 2021 with other contestants and being a trainee from Mystic Story, she represented the label on the show.


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Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999' contestant gets picked as the seventh member of the girl group Billlie (Mnet)

Kim Soo-yeon joins Billlie

After the finale of ‘Girls Planet 999’ was revealed, Su-yeon lost a spot on the final group from the show, Kep1er by one position as she ranked in the tenth place ultimately losing the spot to Chinese contestant Shen Xiaoting. On October 26, it was reported that Mystic Story was positively evaluating the addition of Suyeon to the girl group Billlie and this decision has now taken effect, on November 19, the label confirmed that Kim Su-yeon will join the group under the stage name ‘Sheon’.

While discussing this decision with news outlets, the representative of Mystic Story said, “After ‘Girls Planet 999’ aired, we thought a lot about whether Sheon should be added to the group and if yes, when? We had an in-depth conversation with Billlie members as well as Sheon herself.” They also added, “Sheon was loved around the country by fans for her appearance on ‘Girls Plannet 999’ which is why we came to a mutual agreement that she greets fans as soon as possible to repay them for their support.”

Kim Suyeon will perform with the stage name Sheon in the rookie girl group, Billlie (Mnet, @billlie.official/Instagram)

Sheon gears up for a ‘surprise stage’

It was reported that since the decision to add Sheon was made so close to the debut date of Billlie, Sheon immersed herself into practice and preparation to match the potential of the groups members as all other members promoted the debut album. Mystic Story reports that Sheon alongside Moon Sua, Suhyeon, Haram, Tsuki, Siyoon, and Haruna is working on the next album that Billlie is going to release soon. They also said that since Sheon was not able to make a public appearance to greet fans like the other members of Billlie did, she is planning to greet the fans first with a surprise stage.

With the addition of Sheon, Billlie has added more strength to the team as the seven members now complete the group in every aspect. Billlie’s debut with ‘The Billage of Perception’ was loved by fans all around as well as the Moon Sua, the group's oldest member grabbed the attention of many fans for her fun interaction with her brother, Moonbin who is a member of the K-pop group Astro. With their debut title song 'RING X RING', Billlie is attracting many fans because of their blockbuster-level performances that are not like any other rookies making the group stand out. With the addition of Sheon, the group will be able to give more packed performances in the future.