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'Street Woman Fighter' plans highlight episode featuring eliminated Noze's WAYB crew

To pacify fans who feel WAYB was removed too soon, the highlights episode on Sept 21 will feature content Noze and her crew filmed before elimination
UPDATED SEP 21, 2021
Noze and her crew WAYB are the first to get eliminated from the street dance reality show (@mnet_dance/Instagram)
Noze and her crew WAYB are the first to get eliminated from the street dance reality show (@mnet_dance/Instagram)

Mnet’s first all-female dance crew competition has more twists and turns than the dancers’ choreography. ‘Street Woman Fighter’ first caught netizens’ eye after rounding up some of the best dancers and choreographers of South Korea to take part in the survival show. But in the last episode, episode 4 that aired on September 14, Noze (no:ze) and her crew WAYB were eliminated.

Noze first went viral for her visuals while she was the backup dancer for EXO Kai’s solo debut ‘Mmmh’. But she is actually a dance major and a choreographer that has danced for Taemin, Zico and SHINee. She also happens to be the leader of her crew WAYB. The crew also includes dancers like Gyurian, Dolla, Lee Su and ANSSO. But to pacify fans who feel that WAYB left way too soon, Mnet is changing their broadcast schedule.

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Noze says Monika is the worst dancer (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

WAYB is one of the four losing crews

With Chuseok and Mid-Autumn Festival being celebrated in South Korea and China on September 21, Mnet has changed their schedule for ‘Street Woman Fighter’. In episode 4, after the ‘4 Queens of K-POP Mission’, the scores of the judges and the global votes were summed up and revealed. Those who won the last ‘Class Mission’ got benefit points that were added to the final score while those who lost would get -50 points.

PROWDMON and WAYB danced to CL’s songs. They had to exchange choreographies and neither team let the other go easy. Viewers feel WAYB lost out when Noze provoked PROWDMON’s leader, Monika who created a hard choreography for WAYB out of vengeance. PROWDMON won against WAYB with 870 points. YGX had the highest score with 896 points. While CL chose WAYB as her winner, they got 530 points. Coca N Butter had the lowest score and got 475 points.


The elimination battle

There was an elimination battle with the 4 teams that lost the mission as candidates -- WAYB, Holybang, Coca n Butter and WANT. WANT had the highest score among the 4 lowest teams and so were saved. As the crew with the highest points, YGX was given the privilege to chose between Holybang and WAYB as the crew that would go in the elimination battle and they chose WAYB to go against Coca N Butter. 

In the first round, Coca n Butter won with 3 judge votes as they were in sync and danced together as a crew. For the individual round, Coca N Butter’s Gaga and WAYB’s Dolla were against each other. Gaga won 3 to 0. The last round saw the leaders of the crew battling it out. While Noze was good she kept repeating her moves which a lot of netizens noticed. Coca N Butter’s Rihey turned it out despite having an injured leg and won by 3 to 0.

Rihey's crew defeats Noze's crew in the elimination battle (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Mnet makes changes

So, on September 21, Mnet will not be airing episode 5 of ‘Street Woman Fighter’. Instead, they will be showing a special episode that is full of highlights of the first four episodes. It will also include the moments that helped street dancing get popular in South Korea. Special content that WAYB filmed like the moments after elimination and their time in the practice rooms will also be released. 

And while Mnet has come under fire for using the Islamic call of prayer ‘Adhan’ or ‘Azan’ as music, using ex-IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon as clickbait and not giving a proper reward or any monetary benefits to the crew that wins the show, they’re trying to remedy it. The production team explained, “‘Street Woman Fighter' gives spotlight to the individuals responsible for making the choreography for the globally popular K-pop, and we planned the show with hopes that the dancers also gain a fandom.” Additionally, the winners will now be given 50 million won ($42k).

PROWDMON and WAYB had to battle each other in the first mission (@mnet_dance/Instagram)

Where to watch the highlights and episode 5

The highlight episode airing on September 21 will be available on Mnet’s channel at 10:20 pm KST (9:20 am ET). The special content video of Noze and WAYB will be available on TVING app. The 'Mega Crew' mission including LOONA’s Yves, Weki Meki’s Yoojung, Lee Youngji and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung that has been teased since last week will be shown next week in episode 5.

Episode 5 will air on Tuesday, September 28 at 10:20 pm KST (9:20 am ET) on Mnet’s channel. And it will also air on tvN Asia at 10:30 am ET. It will be available on Mnet Smart app at 11 pm KST (10 am ET). It will also be available on the Viu and TVING apps. For Viu, it will only be available in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.