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What happened in Everglow 'deleted' VLive? Fans concerned after yelling clip goes viral

Everglow fans are worried as the K-pop group's VLive is deleted over a sound that could be a male staff member shouting at one of the members
Everglow is a South Korean girl group under Yuehua Entertainment (Everglow's Instagram)
Everglow is a South Korean girl group under Yuehua Entertainment (Everglow's Instagram)

It has long been established that the management of artists in the West and in K-Pop are vastly different. And while things are definitely laxer in the West, the K-Pop industry is quite strict when it comes to their artists. From making sure the idols do not mention anything that could get them involved in a controversy or policing what they wear, K-Pop managers and the staff are present in almost every matter concerning their idols as was seen in Everglow’s recent VLive. 

While most of the time it’s for the benefit of the artist, this hands-on approach can sometimes border on the abusive territory. Previously, there have been cases where managers have asked female idols to reveal their legs to get more viewers while another idol was slapped for not listening to the staff. This is why what could have been a harmless sound in Everyglow’s only audio VLive ended up trending and going viral because fans and non-fans alike got scared for the girls.

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Everglow's Yiren and Aisha (Everglow's Instagram)

The shouting in Everglow’s VLive

#WhatIsHappeningInThisVlive and #ProtectEverglow continued to trend on Twitter for half a day straight when stan Twitter heard about what happened. One of the Everglow members, Yiren was doing an audio-only VLive when suddenly a loud noise was heard. While some believed it to be just a man sneezing, many others think that someone was shouting at the girls. Some even believed that the target was Aisha who was present in the room.

Things got worse when the VLive got deleted after Yiren got off the app. Fans reasoned that had it been a harmless sound like a male staff, in fact, sneezing then there would have been no reason for Yuehua Entertainment to delete the VLive. Usually, if idols behave or talk in a way that is not proper for a “K-Pop idol,” companies do edit the VLive before uploading it again. However, the complete radio silence on this particular Live is why matters escalated.  

A fan recorded a snippet of 0.03 seconds when the sound is heard which started circulating among non-fans as huge fanbases came to help the girls be noticed and to get an explanation from the company. Even though it could have been just a sneeze, many others noticed that there was also a raised female voice in the Live which made things more suspicious as fans tweeted, “Proper explanation please.”


Fans rallied as they tweeted, “These girls deserve the world. We must protect them at any cost.” Many explained why they wanted an answer despite it probably being a harmless sound, “Idk why but I think that was someone sneezing. I gave this audio to my friends and they also said It's sound like someone sneezing, not a scream. But yeah maybe we need an  explanation to make sure the members are fine.” Since some didn't know what was happening as the VLive had been deleted, fans took it upon themselves to explain, "We are concerned and demand for an explanation about the screaming that can be heard in Yiren's most recent Vlive and why it seems like Aisha is the one being screamed at. Forevers are worried about the current state of EVERGLOW especially Aisha. " — thats happened.” But not everyone understood the gravitas of the matter.




Someone was slightly confused as they wondered as to why the whole thing was trending as they tweeted, “Y’all tryna start a whole investigation over a noise?” Another had the same logic, “My dad sneezes like that.” However, fans elaborated as to why this matter shouldn't be taken lightly, “EVERGLOW did a voice only VLive where a man can be heard shouting at the girls. Later the VLive was deleted - Why would the VLive be deleted if there was nothing to hide? I really hope all the girls are OK.”