WayV's October plans canceled after Lucas’ dating scandal and new China law

WayV's October plans canceled after Lucas’ dating scandal and new China law
Lucas and the rest of WayV's October plans in China are put on hold (@wayvofficial/Instagram)

Earlier it was announced that NCT and WayV’s Lucas and Ten would be flying out to China on September 10. But fansites at the airport noticed that only Ten was boarding the flight. After much speculation whether Lucas’ canceled flight had anything to do with his dating scandal, a news agency released a report. Along with Lucas’ flight to China being canceled, all of WayV’s October plans in China have been temporarily halted. Fans believe that it might have something to do with China’s new entertainment law.

Since the end of August following C-pop idol Kris Wu’s arrest on suspicion of rape and Lucas’ dating scandal, China has been requesting authorities to enact stricter laws regarding the entertainment industry. This includes boycotting male idols who look effeminate, those who promote foreign entertainment in lieu of traditional Chinese culture and strict supervision of what can be said on public entertainment platforms. They also want to ban idol worshipping and fandom culture which has minors splurging on entertainment and merchandise. They believe that it has led to cyberbullying and “illegal fundraising.” 

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China's new entertainment law

Fan clubs, platforms and websites that sell entertainment products like merchandise and albums as well as paid programs are going to be banned if these guidelines are efficiently enforced by China’s cyberspace authorities. Netizens have realized that this will affect the K-pop business and a lot of K-pop agencies like SM and YG who have invested and promoted in China. And while WayV does have global fans, it was formed with the intention of SM gaining a foothold in the C-pop industry.

Along with the entertainment ban, fans feel that WayV’s schedules also might have been halted due to their member’s dating scandal. Last month, Lucas was embroiled in cheating, dating and gaslighting scandals that had the fandom divided with some even wanting Lucas to be removed from the group. But neither SM nor Lucas’ apology letters deny or accept the rumors which have some hopeful fans waiting for them to clear the situation.

Additionally, SM has released its schedule for the second half of 2021, which includes NCT 2021’s comeback and Lucas and Hendery’s ‘Jalapeno’. WayV has been releasing sub-unit singles since this summer and Lucas and Hendery were next. But the single was suspended due to Lucas’ scandal. This is why fans are wondering if WayV’s plans in China were halted because they were preparing for NCT 2021 and/or if Lucas’ flight was canceled because ‘Jalapeno’ is scheduled to be released next month.

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